Peugeot Django Vintage Scooter 2015

Peugeot Django Vintage Scooter 2015 b

2015 Geneva international Auto Show becomes the host for new vehicles being produced and released within the year, and surprisingly, 2015 Peugeot Django, vintage scooter is also displayed and introduced within this event.

This Peugeot Django, a French-based scooter, took part in the show along with Peugeot’s newest auto production, and managed to steal the spotlight because of the retro design. Seen from the shape and design only, you will be reminded of the scooter version made in the 60s – which is quite logical, considering that Django is the reincarnated version from the 57’s model.

Django is designed to compete against Vespa Primavera. With 12 inches wheels, the rear part is sexily sculpted and formed with three air intake vents on the sides. Retro model is focused on the dashboard, headlight, and also the foot pedal. Despite the classic vintage look, roomy storage compartment is hidden behind the seat.

Surprisingly, a source from Peugeot in Geneva claims that Django will be one of the models introduced for Indonesian market. This will create 2015 Peugeot Django vs Vespa in Indonesia, with Vespa is no longer the main competitor in the industry. There is no further confirmation about 2015 Peugeot Django price, but there will be 24 different colors combination, three mirror combinations, and chrome lists to appeal customers.

Mini Cooper 5-door Launch in Jakarta, Indonesia (Price 549 million IDR)

New Mini 5-Door Indonesia

The new Mini Cooper 5-door in Indonesia is now available for purchase, with Cooper and Cooper S variants being offered for Indonesian auto market. Naturally, the 5 door Cooper offers more space and room when compared to the 3 door type, and this launch in Indonesia is taken place in Empirica, SCBD, Jakarta.

Based on the 2015 Mini Cooper 5-Door specs, more leg space and cargo is introduced, with addition of three seating rooms on the back and two rear doors. More comfort and convenience are added without compromising the characteristic of the Mini itself. When compared to the 3-door Mini Cooper, the 5-door type has longer base (161mm longer) and higher stance (11mm taller). The Cooper S, meanwhile, has 155 mm longer base with 72mm longer wheelbase. With two added rear seats that are able to accommodate 3 people and two additional doors, access to get in and out will be more enjoyable and nice.

Mini Cooper 5-door price is set around 549 million IDR for the Cooper and 719 million IDR for Cooper S. the price includes Mini Cooper Inclusive of routine service free of charge for 5 years. Mini Copper comes with three different driving modes of Green, Sport, and Mid, paired up with auto 6 speed transmission and decent engine arrangement.

Reasons to Use Professional Moving Companies


Most people underestimate the complexity of moving out; thinking that they can do everything and they will manage just well. Well, moving out may seem like a simple thing to do, but you will actually deal with loads of stuffs and small details of planning. For instance, you need to plan out which items come first and which come the last. If you put your dining sets underneath heavy piles of books, you may end up breaking all your dining stuffs. Or, if you pack carelessly with any container that is actually fragile and frail, you will end up making more damages.

If you want to save yourself from headaches and focus on the more important stuffs for your moving, it is better that you leave your moving details to professional movers. Of course, you should know which company is reliable and trustworthy, so check out the Arizona BBB when you want to do the moving services in Glendale AZ. There are loads of perks of using professional mover services, and you should check whether they provide such coverage or not.

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Many Benefits of Bus Charter Service

bus charters

Vehicle charter can be very handy when you want to travel in style and luxury, not to mention in comfort as well. When you want to consider traveling in groups and visiting lots of different places – the historical landmarks, the amusement parks, the entertainment centers, etc – you certainly want to travel in comfort and then travel in style. That’s why considering chartering a bus can be quite handy and beneficial for you – not to mention that you can travel in luxury without having to break the bank.

Among the many provider in this bus charters , some names truly pop because of their high quality service and reliable performance. If you want to get services that are worth your spending, you can try visiting and take a look around. This provider has been around for quite some time, with services started around 1936. At that time, the founder, Henry Page, set up his transportation company, the Potash Mines, so they can transport miners from and to their Southeast New Mexico’s jobsites. Since then, the company has developed and expanded so they have many different fleets in different regions, like Texas, Phoenix, Santa Fe, and so many more. They also provide day trip, night trip, and also custom tours.

Not many people realize this, but there are loads of benefits that you can get from getting a bus charter service, such as:

  • It can accommodate lots of people. That’s why bus charter is often made to people traveling in groups. As the saying goes: the more, the merrier; such thing also applies to travel in groups. Sure, traveling alone can provide time for you and yourself, especially if you are in need of me-time badly. However, traveling with groups ensures joy and merry atmosphere; things you won’t get when you are traveling alone. You get to tag along people you love and care so you can enrich your traveling experience.
  • The bus charter provides spacious room for everyone. Even when traveling in groups, you can be sure that you get plenty of space as the bus is roomy, big, and wide enough for everybody. Not to mention that buses generally come with spaces on the front as well as the back, so you can put your belongings there without hampering the space around the seats. Not only you can get spacious room for yourself, you can be sure that your comfort won’t be compromised at all.
  • It is flexible. When you charter the bus, basically you can go anywhere you want to. That’s why this kind of charter service is ideal when you are traveling in group and you have certain specifications of places in mind. Not only you will be able to visit historical landmarks, you can also visit entertainment centers and interesting objects.
  • Such service is quite affordable. it doesn’t matter how far you are traveling, how many days you spend on the road, or how many people you are taking, this kind of traveling can be quite affordable – even more affordable than planning single trips on your own. Can you imagine how much you are going to spend when you plan flight service, accommodations, taxi service, and other costs that you will have to bear when planning single trips?

Aside from those mentioned facts, there are still more benefits and perks that you can enjoy from this bus charter service:

  • It is safe. According to study and research buses are the safest and most reliable land auto vehicles. Solid and sturdy structure combined with the latest advanced technology is able to deliver new comfort and safety to today’s bus industry. Not to mention that there are loads of safety features packed within the bus’ structure –whether it is visible or invisible.
  • It is efficient. Today’s busses come in various sizes and dimensions. Some are extra large and wide, able to accommodate more than 50 people, while some are quite compact and small, able to accommodate less than 50 people. You can choose whatever size without having to worry about anything. Busses are always able to carry passengers and cargo in the most efficient ways.

In case you want to find the reliable service, go to and see the service on your own. You can contact the customer service and have detailed discussions about the service.