2014 Bugatti Veyron Ettore: The Final Variant in Bugatti Legend Edition

  2014 Bugatti Veyron Ettore Front Side

Who has never heard of Bugatti Veyron? The rides manage to captivate everyone’s attention – even not so enthusiastic auto lovers or fans – with the marvelous design and beautiful artwork. They manage to make themselves headline in the world auto industry; with their superb aesthetic work and their limited production. And with the 2014 Bugatti Veyron Ettore, everything will be more complete.

Another great thing about the company is their idea in creating the so called Legend Edition, where they create series of marvelous and breath-taking rides that will please the eye. Over the years, the company manages to create exclusive and limited hypercars. Up to this present time, they have created 5 different variants – all are breath-taking and superb; in quality and also design. And now with the addition of 2014 Bugatti Veyron Ettore, the series are almost complete. After all, the Legend Edition – or as the French call it Les Legend de Bugatti – is designed to deliver perfection and made history in the auto world. Read the rest of this entry »

Reckless Driver Being Wounded when Ramming off a Police Officer

There was a horrible tragic incident involving reckless driver and gunfire in Venture County Fair. A man with red truck was shot by the police in his attempt to escape the scene, causing an officer to be struck down.

The driver, Clemente Zamarripa-Mata, drove around the corner of Harbor and Figueroa streets on Sunday 3:45 P.M. As he was driving recklessly toward the officers controlling the traffic, it was just natural that they tried to stop him. But before they managed to question Zamarripa-Mata, he tried to drive off and purposely accelerating, striking Sgt. Darrick Brunk who tried to stop him. Sgt. Brunk was thrown to the hood, making him helpless. His other two friends shot at the truck, trying to stop Zamarripa-Mata, who was then wounded because of the gunfire.

Because of his wound, Mata was brought to the local hospital and got immediate treatment in the intensive care unit. But he was considered well and in stable condition on Monday morning. Even though he is okay, there are several charges waiting for him. Among being reckless driver, ramming the barricades, and then knocking over police motorcycles, he would also face other charges that involving the striking of a police officer.

2014 Toyota Fortuner Diesel VNT in Indonesia

2014 Toyota Fortuner Diesel VNT in Indonesia

Toyota is planning a new 4×4 ride for their customers in Indonesia. The existence of Toyota Fortuner 4×4 Indonesia has been confirmed, stated as one of the most expensive diesel VNT variant. The ride is sold at around IDR 480 million. For whom the ride will be, then?

The 2014 Toyota Fortuner 4×4 is designed for private customers wanting to have quite tall vehicle, with solid structure and touch performance. The ride is designed for rough terrain, suitable when used as fleet vehicles, mining, or plantation setting. Such claim was made by Suparno Djasmin, the vice President of Toyota Astra Motor during the launch of this vehicle.

 2014 Toyota Fortuner Diesel VNT frontside

Moreover, those looking for 2014 Toyota Fortuner diesel VNT are usually loyal customers that have been using other Toyota products, because they know what Toyota is capable of. Not to mention that they believe Toyota is able to deliver the promised performance and quality. It seems that Toyota is quite optimistic about this new Fortuner, considering that it is designed with the needed height, topped off with the additional features and solid accessories that will make it look more manly and masculine. And Toyota doesn’t want to compromise the exterior good look, so they also pay detailed attention to the comfort and exclusive setting of the interior cabin.

 2014 Toyota Fortuner Diesel VNT Specification

2014 Toyota Fortuner Diesel VNT in Indonesia Interior

Reasons to Have Auto Repair Shop Surprise Service

When you have problems with you ride, you can’t really look into the problems, find out why, and solve it – unless you are an experienced mechanic. Granted that you know a thing or two about your ride – after all, you are the owner! – but it doesn’t mean that you know the in-depth condition and detail about your vehicle. In case something happens to it and you don’t have a clue about it, why don’t you just ask for help from professional auto repair service and let them do their expertise?

 auto repair shop surprise

The thing about having a ride is that you need to be committed and quite devoted to it. It is not only a means of transportation; you need to care for it and maintain its condition. Having a car isn’t cheap, and unless you want to even spend more expenses repairing this or that, you need to make sure that it gets the best treatment and care.

In case you live around Surprise, AZ, you can always ask for help from professional and skilled auto repair shop Surprise services. Not only they can provide what you need, you can also get a burden-free condition because you are in a good hand.

Lots of car owners often underestimate or neglect the fact that they are not skilled mechanics. In order to save up a few dollars, they decide to take matters into their own hands. Well, often times this kind of decision proven to be just wrong and fatal because they will have to spend more, instead of saving those few dollars. If you don’t want to make the same mistake and you don’t want to make your ride’s condition get worse, it is advisable that you contact these professional workers and let them lend a hand. Read the rest of this entry »

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