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Voltec propulsion system, one of the “10 Best Engines”

Voltec propulsion systemWard’s AutoWorld magazine in the US has declared that Chevrolet Volt’s Voltec propulsion system is one of the “10 Best Engines”. The Voltec propulsion system pairs a magnificent range-extending engine and pure electric drive (with 16-kWh lithium-ion battery pack).

With the range-extending engine, Volt can be driven until 379 miles before filling up or charging. And the battery can generate 149-hp electric drive. By using the storage energy in the battery only, the Volt can deliver 35 miles of petrol and tailpipe electric driving with no emissions.

Editor in Chief of Ward’s AutoWorld, Drew Winter, said that the criteria of the most modern engines is BIB – Brave. Inspired. Brilliant. He adds that the creation of an electric vehicle has changed the course of history because it is able to attract millions of people.

Currently, Voltec propulsion system is produced only in Aspern, Austria. But it is expected that in 2011, the Voltec propulsion system will also be produced in Flint, Michigan.

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