Unveiling 2017 Lotus Exige Cup 380 with additional downforce

Lotus has already disclosed a brand new track biased Exige, quite limited to 60 units around the globe, with pricing from £83,000 in Great Britain with order books currently open.

Dubbed the 2017 Lotus Exige Cup 380, It appears to be a more hardcore version of the Exige Sport 380, although it makes use of the same supercharged, 375bhp V6 motor as its sibling. The car’s power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. Just 3.4 seconds are required to reach 60mph. The top speed is 175mph.

The 2017 Lotus Exige Cup 380 is a bit lighter than the Sport 380. By the way, the key changes deal with aerodynamics. The vehicle comes with fresh bodywork tweaks developed with wind tunnel assistance just to deliver 200kg of downforce, normally generated at 175mph top speed.

New front louvers direct the airflow in the front wheel-arches. As for cut-outs behind the rear wheels, they work with aero-blades, which flank the rear diffuser. We can see a huge rear wing at the back. It actually pushes the rear axle into the tarmac. Other aero changes include a redesigned windscreen wiper.

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