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The New 2014 BMW i8 Concept Price, Video, Specs, and Pictures

New 2014 BMW i8 Information

BMW, as one of the biggest automotive companies in the world, has launched two powerful cars which is said to be running on electricity power. Besides the BMW i3, the company also launches the 2014 BMW i8 Concept. Although they may seem to be the same and don’t have too many difference, they are different. The 2013 BMW i3 concept is completely using the full electricity power; while the 2014 BMW i8 concept is using partial regular engine and electricity. Another difference is that the i8 is built fo sporty purpose while the i3 is made for urban ride.

The New 2014 BMW i8 Concept Price

The 2014 BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid Sports Coupe is combining three cylinder of 1.5 liter engine with electrical motor system that will deliver strong performance and sporty look at the same time. The company equips the car with high tech features, starting from the internal engine for the combustion and high efficient system to energy management planning and ActiveHybrid system energy storage. The car will also use lightweight design with intelligent features, along with the aerodynamics technology.

2014 BMW i8 Concept

The car is said to be able to deliver about 330 hp, able to reach 100 km in just below 4.8 seconds. The car is estimated to be sold around 150,000 euro.

2014 BMW i8 Specs (Preliminary Specifications)

Model : exotic car/premium sporty-performance car

Dimensions (Vision EfficientDynamics concept)

Wheelbase: 109.5 inches (CG estimate)

Length: 181.1 inches

Width: 74.8 inches

Height: 48.8 inches

Base curb weight: 3,100 pounds

Model : exotic car/premium sporty-performance car

Drivetrain (CG estimates)

Drive wheels: front/rear/all

Torque: 600 pound-feet (total maximum available)

Transmission: rear-mounted 6-speed dual-clutch automated manual, front-mounted single-speed reduction gearbox

Engine: 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder with two electric motors and plug-in lithium-polymer battery pack

Horsepower: 360

2014 BMW i8 Price (USD)

The 2014 BMW i8 may cost between $350,000 and $400,000, The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept is shown.


40 Responses to “The New 2014 BMW i8 Concept Price, Video, Specs, and Pictures”

  1. Michael says:

    I will take 2 of them please.

  2. Michael c says:

    Why is it the economy sucks but the cars keep getting more and more expensive

  3. Robert says:

    150,000 euro = about $204,000 … not $400,000

    (Not that I’ll be able to afford either 😉

  4. David says:

    Bring that price down to about $75,000 and it would be a great deal. 🙂

  5. Smart Man says:

    Ummm, so this car is for rich people rite? Rich people dont care about the stupid environment so what the hell? If you make a car with low fuel consumption make it for the regular person.

  6. Matt says:

    @Michael C.

    The economy doesn’t matter much to the people that can afford these cars.

  7. jack says:

    i love this car wish i could afford it for 10 $

  8. Anonymous says:

    Something tells me this car will be affordable.

  9. rancho says:

    good car, Where can I design a sticker for bmw i8 these?

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  11. w.e says:

    .. this car is beautiful … the price is pure stupidity .. good job BMW .. you’ve proven the idiocracy behind making a fuel efficient / electrical car that is better for the economy as well as the environment only …. oh yea thats right ……. no one in this fucking economy can afford it . geniuses, clearly we have Einsteins working at BMW. quite wasting ppls time with your flashy bull shit. just getting ppls hopes up for no reason.

  12. rocking ruch says:

    i want 8 cars i will give u rs 10,00,00,00,000 for these cars

  13. mariah j says:

    lol im from kansas, people would think its a lambo, HAHAHAHAHA id buy it =P

  14. Jon says:

    I think this car has great potential sure the price is high but what electric car isn’t these days all cars are expensive. This car is really spacious and in the near future maybe 10 years from now I could probably buy it cause I know I will have a stabled career by that time also the economy should be better in 10 years anyway I hope. Anyways this car is great love the design and the makers who made this car possible great job BMW.

  15. AHMED FAISAL says:

    More than a great car
    I am too weak for them Alnobeir
    Claimed God to stop me and bought the car BMW

  16. Razi says:

    I love this car

  17. Anthony says:

    So little car for such a high price. I guess you’re just paying for how it looks. I mean the 94 mpg is almost impressive. 220 hp for 350,000-400,000 is hardly worth it, actually not even close to being worth the price.

  18. headcircus says:

    people are missing a new points here… first of all, these cars are being designed to create desire in lower income people that still refuse to buy them. Its the same as creating a market for low end designer bags by promoting the Louis Vittons of the world. The designers see a future in alternative fuels, energy – but from a profit perspective. They obviously don’t give a shit about the environment… the world runs on profit; nothing else; and never will so accept that now to sav yourselves anguish. Second, is the cost of innovation – is the price high? SURE the same way computers in 1985 were $10,000 – only a few could afford – but as the innovation created a market for such a desirable product – it increased production and competition – and thus affordability down the line. ALL TECHNOLOGY follows this pattern. ALL OF IT. If this world was based on human bettering; it would be free. It is not – it is based on the almighty dollar (euro, yen) and thus economics drives product evolution.

  19. jamal says:

    DO you guys have any idea how much the insurance will cost for this piece of junk

  20. Shaq9809 says:

    ill take 200

  21. aj reis says:

    headcircus is 100% right. other companys are gunna steal bmws ideas and build something close to it. mazda made the 40mpg mazda 3 . these other companies arent far from doing the same affordably. and people forget about the Tesla car that goes 200+ kilometers on a single charge

  22. Jack says:

    What the heck is wrong with you guys? Not everything is directed at the average consumer. If something is out of your price range then deal with it. BMW is known for its luxury cars, not for its bargain prices. I’m surprised its not more expensive. With a price tag at around $205,000 I would’ve expected something much higher than that for a car like this. There aren’t many fuel efficient vehicles with this kind of style or performance.

  23. Dragon boi suede says:

    That isnt as expensive as i thought it would be

  24. vivek says:

    i love this car wish i could afford it for 0 $

  25. Sarah says:

    this car was on Mission Impossible 4…

  26. Chris says:

    If you want to purchase a “green car” you should look at TATA motors out of India … this engine that they developed runs purely off of compressed air …
    Looks as if it costs only $9,000 US …. the car will run roughly 300km’s in distance and cost around $2.00 to fill up with the compressed air at specialty filling stations.

  27. damce314 says:

    what i don’t get is this car is for rich people rich people don’t give a fuck about global warming and i guarantee you all that only few percent of rich people will buy this car because they have all the money and what they gonna buy with it the best and expensive car out there like the Bugatti what i suggest is lower the price so us middle wage people can buy it because hell we care about earth am i right?

  28. Notation says:

    I don’t understand why people just talk shit about the cars just, because they can’t afford it, it’s not BMW problem that you can not afford the car! Is your problem and your fault that you are the one that can’t buy it… Btw nice car nice concept good ideas finally BMW came with something super new lets see what Audi and Mercedes brings

  29. John Brown says:

    look notation cat you sound like a rich kid that doesnt care about other peoples say and thats crap and if they lowered the cost of the car( which they won’t) that more people would buy the car and that means more $ which i don’t think that the economy world understands that.

  30. Diogo says:

    The comment from headcircus above is spot on.
    It’s only with public pressure and interest regarding environment that the profit-led companies will do something about it.
    Then we should see that this kind of research, tech and materials costs a whole lot of money, which BMW must recover. And the i3 is more affordable, guys!
    New tech leaders naturally try to gain from their advantage. Just look at Apple, comparatively I find their premium prices even more stretching.

  31. tim says:

    wow…so around $204,000? i definitely gotta get me one after college! i looveee havin wealthy parents haha. im about to tear the roads up with that!

  32. JAMC says:

    At that price why not buy a lambo?

  33. Duke says:

    Just buy a Corvette and fa get about it!

  34. karol says:

    The base x6 in sweden costs about 90’000€. This car with the basic features will cost no more than 100K€

  35. Mr. creeper says:

    look this is how its gonna work out all the people complaining about the price of this car most likely wont be able to get it unless they win the lottery or sell there house or fall into some money OK so deal with it. know i cant afford this car either but i’m not complaining its just like headcircus said deal with it. wait till Subaru,ford,dodge,Hyundai or Toyota comes out with something like this because it will most likely be way more affordable than this. remember BMW is luxury made for higher class people not mid class.

    yours truly Mr. creeper

  36. Edwin says:

    I gread with Mr. creeper, BMW are luxury vehicles for higher class people so why are we complaining about prices if you cant afford them. I know I cant afford one of them fine cars but Im always impressed with those nice cars they make. Thank you.

  37. Mr. creeper says:

    nice cars to admire but if you cant afford one then that’s pretty much all you can do is admire it

  38. TUKIJO says:

    hi ALL Bastard , just shut ur fvcking mouth up,okay ? u all fell me ?, u ALL JUST A POOR PEOPLE, I KNOW IT that’s why u all just keep talking a junk, this price on i8 is NOTHING TO ME, what i can say again, THIS CAR IS TO CHEAP VO ME, is that any more expensive cars than this ??!, what a bunch of shit

  39. Mr. creeper says:

    if your so god damn fucking rich then you would think that you could type better. also you wouldn’t be on this site looking at it you would already have the car and another thing this car is the best on mpg and economy so yeah.

  40. ImViridz says:


    150000.0 EUR = 192197.794594 USD

  41. old greg says:

    i love the concept of this vechile if you want to talk crap about how you cant afford it… get a job!

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