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The New 2013 Acura MDX Redesign

The previous model of Acura MDX is already known as powerful SUV with stylish design and great performance, how about The next 2013 Acura MDX Redesign ?

The Acura MDX is very reliable and comfortable. It’s also luxurious and exclusive, offering great comfort as family car without compromising comfort or style.

2013 acura mdx redesign

Now, the new model of Acura 2013 is coming with newer and a bit different look. The new 2013 Acura MDX Redesign is said to have more powerful performance and more stylish design. The new premium car will be available with more beautiful interior cabin and roomier space. It will also have better and improved fuel economy system than the previous 2012 model. When it comes to features and styles, the new 2013 will have more improvement. However, the price may be higher than the 2012 model, but the price increase is worth the money. The interior cabin offer trimming and color variations. There will be chrome grille as it’s already installed on the previous model. Since the car will have longer wheelbase, the third row space legs will be bigger and roomier.

2013 acura mdx redesign engine

The new 2013 acura mdx redesign model will be running on V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity, able to produce around 260 hp, so it’s pretty impressive and also fast.

12 Responses to “The New 2013 Acura MDX Redesign”

  1. Ken says:

    Did you mean 360h
    Horsepower? The existing model has a 300 horsepower v6

  2. admin says:

    A running change will include a hybrid version to augment the base V-6 engine. For fuel economy, the base 300-hp 3.7-liter engine may be replaced with a new 260 / 270-hp, 3.5-liter V-6.

  3. Ken says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’m currently looking to trade
    In my 2009 for the 2013 since you reported
    More room which is my only complaint.

    I would still go with the 3.5at 360 hp. It’s a nice
    Punchy engine.

    I did drive the 2012 and loved the new interior.
    The seats were softer and the vehicle rode a
    Lot smoother.

    Is this picture of the MDX going to be for the
    2013 model?

  4. Ken says:

    I meant 300 hp. If they drop the hp, I will look

  5. Clair Daimes says:

    Good to hear about better mileage but sure be good if MDX could get away from premium gas. Fords ecoboost 6 in the 150 truck has great power and economy on standard fuel.

  6. Interesting says:

    No, this is not what the 2013 MDX will look like. Why do I say this:

    1. look at the split grill….already phased out (this has to be a concept pic of the current style MDX circa 2007+).

    2. Check out the sweet dodge caliber on display in the background. It showed its ugly face around the 07 timeframe and would not be displayed at a newer auto show (would be the new dart)

    I’m not sure what it will look like but this is def not it.

  7. George says:

    I agree with Ken that dropping the HP isn’t an option, unless they can increase the torque. Comparing with X5 with a diesel engine, the MDX is much less reponsive. I think it’s due to MDX’s weight. Sometimes torque is more important than HP for a heavy vehicle. They also need to update the electronic. It feels very antiquated comparing with what Audi has now on their A7 and newer vehicles.

  8. Andrew says:

    “Comparing with X5 with a diesel engine, the MDX is much less reponsive. I think it’s due to MDX’s weight. Sometimes torque is more important than HP for a heavy vehicle.”

    That’s your problem right there. You can not compare those two vehicles. Diesels are almost always torquer, which gives you that burst of power your referring to. Im guessing you probably only test drove the X5 diesel and only in the city. Off the line, a diesel will almost alway pull out in front of a gasoline motor (generally speaking) but at speed, like for a rolling start or on the highway, the MDX would eat the X5 alive! At about 45 mph the X5 looses its impressive edge and while the MDX is just getting to its sweet spot.

    Another problem with the comparison of those two is a fully load advanced model MDX doesn’t cost as much as the base model X5 diesel. If you comparably equip them, You are looking at a $20,000+ price difference. The average new car buyer is on a 3-4 year trade in cycle, and you would have to a TON of driving to make up that 20K in fuel economy in those 3-4 years.

    Take warranty into account, and resale value, and Im choosing the Acura all day long. Thats without any upgrades mind you, going all off my 2012 MDX’s stats.

    To O.P.- Are you sure Acura is even going to make a change for 2013? They released the ILX and RDX info in January, why wouldn’t they release the MDX info at the same time? Usually if nothing is mentioned by Acura, nothing is changed.

  9. Bill says:

    Has it been determined whether or not there’s a body style change for the MDX in 2013?

  10. alvin says:

    With the complete redesign, the forthcoming 2013 MDX Crossover SUV looks like an all-new vehicle, and it has come by eliminating all the drawbacks that were observed with the previous version models.

  11. Steve says:

    “Has it been determined if there is a MDX redesign for 2013?”

    I’m looking on the web, and I keep seeing the same often mentioned “blog” done up by an obvious Japanese, English as a second language, marketing person. From Acura? Don’t know. But the description of the vehicle matches what I’m seeing as the 2012 model here in California. Any other actual data/references about what is actually going on for 2013?

  12. Alfredo says:

    The image showed is very wrong because belongs to a 2007 sketch. It serve to confuse. Honda doesn’t show their new designs until it is in the production line. The 2013 MDX will be the same than 2012 and the 2014 comes with very diferent grille, more leg room for the third line and the new “at will torque control” technology. Maybe a large longitudinal sunroof

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