The Function of Feeler Gauge

Function of Feeler GaugeIn automotive industry and field, there’re many items required for the mechanical and technical purpose of setting up a ride. One of them is the Feeler Gauges that are mostly used in the auto activities.

Feeler gauge is a device – a very simple and handy one – that is used when the mechanics want to measure thickness. By thickness here meaning that the device is used to measure clearance or gap between two items or parts. The device alone seems complicated with different smaller steels with different measurements and thickness. Each measurement is marked on the steels. The device is very handy and flexible to use since these smaller steels can be used together even when they’re attached to the same item or hinges. The blades or the length of those steels are different from other blades, since they have no sharp edges. They’re mostly used to adjust the existing gap by reducing or increasing the gap in order to come with the right fit.

This device is practically easy to find and easy to purchase too. People can always find it at auto parts stores and other places. But if people want to buy it through online service, why not visiting Thread Check, Inc. that will provide all kinds of auto devices needed for the auto workers, including the feeler gauge.

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