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Tawon – Another Indonesian Production Car

tawon indonesia

The auto production industry in Indonesia seems to have been rising lately. After the possibility of making the Kiat Esemka as the national production, now there’s another variant of Tawon models.

PT. Super Gasindo Jaya operating in Rangkasbitung in Lebak regency, Banten, has stated that their company is able to produce about 50 units of Tawon every month. The assembled car made by the vocal school students has been produced to cater the needs and the orders from auto markets around Banten Province. They say that their cars have gotten quite positive response from the market since 2006. In fact, in 2006, Tawon has been used as official auto rides. So far, Tawon has three different variants: the mini van, the pick-up, and the Tawon. The last one is able to accommodate about 3 passengers.

The performance of this ride has been proven after it’s able to travel from Rangkasbitung to Surabaya with top speed reaching about 100 kilometer per hour for about 19 hours. It’s done to show the car’s performance before joining an auto event in Surabaya. This tawon car is able to use premium and gas as the main fuel.

Tawon Another Indonesian Production Car

2012 tawon price

The tag price for this particular ride is between 40 million rupiah (IDR) to 60 million per unit.

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