Another Super Car? Tuatara from SSC Shelby


It seems that Bugatti Veyron and the Shelby SuperCars are trying to compete against each other with their line of production of super cars. After previously Shelby SSC (SuperCars) are coming with the fastest car in the world product, the Ultimate Aero,  Bugatti Veyron then try to beat the record by producing the Super Sport Bugatti Veyron, which is claimed to be able to reach 268 mph.  And now Shelby SSC is reported to set up new production of another new super car, with code name 275-mph Supercar Tuatara. Wow, talking about fast speed process…


The name is inspire from Maori language, which means “lizard”. The lizard has great and fast DNA evolving system and that’s why SSC decide to use the name: they’re hoping to get fast evolving technology…for the car, at least.  The body and chassis of the car will be mainly use carbon fiber. The aluminum will be part of the crash structure. The car will be running on twin turbocharged V8 of 7.0 liter that is said to be able to produce about 1,350 hp, along with seven speed transmission – manual.  The company doesn’t say anything about the 275 mph speed, but that’s what people are talking about. Well, I guess we just have to see and wait.

The Artistic 2011 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc


Everyone knows that Bugatti Veyron products are all such a beauty; not to mention also extra expensive. It seems that the all the cars are designed and produced for celebrities or rich people. Well, with such intricate design and surely high maintenance cost, it seems logical to think this way.

2011-Bugatti-Veyron-Grand-Sport-L-Or-Blanc Pictures

Well, now there’s new line of 2011 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc after the car debuted during KPM event in Berlin. The company is working together with Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur from Berlin and comes up with this specially designed ride. This product is certainly a work of art. It looks very futuristic – and will certainly stand out among the crowd – with metallic blue and silver paint job. There’s also another great feature of this special car: the exterior and also interior parts are built using porcelain. The company states that the car is considered as the fastest car in the world.

New 2011-Bugatti-Veyron-Grand-Sport-LOr-Blan

Based on the 2011 Bugatti Veyron reviews, the car is running on quad turbo 16 cylinder engine of 8 liters that is able to produce about 1200 hp (no wonder it’s said as the fastest car ever!) with 1500nm torque. The car is able to reach 100km within 2.5 seconds only and so far, the top speed is about 415 km per hour.  The price is about €1,650,000. I only want to say one word about the whole performance and appearance: WOW!

Birdman dishes and His Bugatti Veyron

one of the other Celebrity with bugatti veyron is Birdman dishes

Celebrities certainly like different and unique ways in spending their money. Birdman is well known for his taste in expensive and sports car. And now he’s spending lots of cash for his new Bugatti Veyron. It’s not a secret that this rapper likes doing controversial things when it comes to spending his load of money. The news about Birdman dishes with Bugatti Veyron has been all over celebrities’ websites and news.

Birdman Bugatti Veyron Pictures


The news about Birdman dishes on his Bugatti Veyron has made several new headlines on the celebrities’ gossip page. But the news might not be as shocking as the initial news when he’s about to buy the very expensive ride. He had to spend about $2 to $2.5 million dollar for his expensive taste. For some people it’s such a waste of money because they could do a lot of things with such hefty money. But the rapper said that it was worth the price because the ride is certainly a beauty and a masterpiece. The exterior part is pleasing to the eyes; let alone the interior side. Covered mostly in combination of red and black, the car is certainly a perfect product. If you have the money, do you want to spend it just like what Birdman did?

Florida rapper Riding Bugatti Veyron and Flo Rida DUI arrested Miami Beach police ?


Everyone knows that Bugatti Veyron is such a stylish and beautiful car. Not to mention that it’s also one of the most expensive rides ever invented. No wonder that people who get to ride the vehicle are only celebrities or the haves. Unfortunately, not everyone of them are wise or clever enough to have safe driving moment.

Flo rida Arrested in Miami beach

The same case also happened to Flo Rida with Bugatti Veyron, when Flo riding Bugatti Veyron around 3 A.M in the morning. Too bad he was drinking at that time, so that he was arrested by the police. Tramar Dillard – his real name – has to face serious jail time up to six months or probation time up to a year. Flo Rida DUI arrested Miami Beach police has made his read and black fashionable car become off limit for a little while.

Florida rapper FloRida becomes the latest celeb to enter the mug shot hall of lame.

It’s very strange and surprising that after all the DUI cases that happened to celebrities or top notch socialites, no one seems to care that it’s one of the most serious offenders. It’s even more surprising that even several people tried to help Rida to get away from the police. According to the police report, several people even tried to convince the police to let the rapper go and then offering a ride for him. Isn’t it stupid or what?

The ‘Low’ rapper (Flo Rida) was pulled over by officers in Miami Beach, Florida in a red and black Bugatti car – worth an estimated $1.7 million

Here the picture of Florida Bugatti Veyron red :

Flo Rida with Bugatti Veyron red


source: TMZ

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