Reckless Driver Being Wounded when Ramming off a Police Officer

There was a horrible tragic incident involving reckless driver and gunfire in Venture County Fair. A man with red truck was shot by the police in his attempt to escape the scene, causing an officer to be struck down.

The driver, Clemente Zamarripa-Mata, drove around the corner of Harbor and Figueroa streets on Sunday 3:45 P.M. As he was driving recklessly toward the officers controlling the traffic, it was just natural that they tried to stop him. But before they managed to question Zamarripa-Mata, he tried to drive off and purposely accelerating, striking Sgt. Darrick Brunk who tried to stop him. Sgt. Brunk was thrown to the hood, making him helpless. His other two friends shot at the truck, trying to stop Zamarripa-Mata, who was then wounded because of the gunfire.

Because of his wound, Mata was brought to the local hospital and got immediate treatment in the intensive care unit. But he was considered well and in stable condition on Monday morning. Even though he is okay, there are several charges waiting for him. Among being reckless driver, ramming the barricades, and then knocking over police motorcycles, he would also face other charges that involving the striking of a police officer.

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