Pilatus PC-12 Operating Costs

Pilatus PC-12 Operating Costs

When people want to travel to far away distance, they have various options of what kinds of means of transportation they will use. Besides using the regular public flights, they can also use the Pilatus PC-12 that will certainly deliver them to their destinations.

The Pilatus PC-12 is a plane for cargo transportation as well as passengers with a single engine. It’s not designed for commercial usages as it’s intended for corporate transportation as well as regional operator airline. The development of the plane took place around 1989 during the NBAA convention. The National Business Aviation Association was the first witness where the prototypes were developed.

Everyone knows that traveling by private plane is certainly nice, but do they really know about the Pilatus PC-12 operating costs? Here’re just several examples of the general information about the plane. People have to spend about $328 for hourly fuel cost and also $5.5 for per gallon of fuel. Seems like a lot of money to spend within an hour right?


That’s why most Pilatus PC-12 models are being used as private corporate planes. But certain regions like America, Canada, Australia, and Brazil have allowed this type of plane for passenger transportation in regional area.

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