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New Toyota Avanza 2012


There’s a new speculation about the new Toyota Avanza 2012, with the significant changes on the exterior parts – mostly – and several different models and setting for the new ride. The new model will be released in India. There’re several rumors flying around concerning this new model, since the design of the ride is always different from the Innova Etios – also from Toyota. By trying to bridge that gap and difference, Toyota comes with the changes.


The new look of Toyota Avanza 2012 will also be released in Indonesia, since the car is quite popular as well in the country. Of course, every auto enthusiasts in Indonesia have been waiting for the launch of the new model that will occur around November the 10th 2011. There is no official release from the company about this new line.  As one of the most likeable and most used car in the country, most people are waiting for the release of the new model an whether the changes will improve the comfort and quality of the exterior setting as well interior convenience.

From the images available, it seems that the New Toyota Avanza 2012 is quite solid and good looking. Hopefully it won’t be too longer from the previous models because it will surely adds up the traffic issue that has already existed.

Toyota Avanza Price – update (IDR)

E 1.3 MANUAL            150.100.000
E 1.3 AUTOMATIC     160.750.000
G 1.3 MANUAL            165.050.000
G 1.3 AUTOMATIC     176.000.000
G 1.5 MANUAL            172.150.000
VELOZ 1.5 MANUAL     178.050.000
VELOZ 1.5 AUTOMATIC     187.900.000

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  2. louis says:

    it is realy looking good this new model from toyota.i will say happy 2012 avanza.

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  4. Masood Sherazi says:

    Would you plz provide price details of toyota avanza 2012 model 1.3 A/T.

  5. razashah says:

    is this car available in pakistan.

  6. Youtube says:

    OK, I like this review,,, nice information about toyota avanza car. Price?

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