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New Marshal Tire Company in Indonesia

 Marshal Tire Company Indonesia
Photo credit : Bosmobil.com

A new tire product and brand is ready to launch their products in Indonesian auto industry. The Marshal Tire Indonesia can be the newest options for auto enthusiasts in order to complete their rides’ look. This company can provide the needed tires for different kinds of vehicles and purposes; starting from the regular passenger rides, SUVs, and also commercial usages that are often used by buses and trucks.

The company from South Korea is stating their commitments in supporting the growth of auto industry in Asia and also supporting the growth on national made products. Marshal is a brand that has been around since 1984 and has been sold in around 105 different countries all over the world. The main reason why the company is opening new branch in Indonesia is to provide another options in tire industry, so vehicles owners and users can choose which tire is the best for their daily use and operations.

The company will start by opening its main branch in Java. Later on, they will expand to Kalimantan and Sumatra, specifically to the mining areas that will need strong and sturdy tire products. Of course, the standards of the tires have been made according to the official regulations so everything is basically very safe.

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