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New Lamborghini’s third model Plan before 2016

Lamborghini Estoque ConceptOne of the best auto manufacturers in the world, Lamborghini, has decided that they’re going to make new car’s model that isn’t included in the sport ride model. The company hasn’t decided yet about the new model design, so no one knows for sure whether the new ride will be available within the model of a SUV, sedan, or other possible design. The company is planning to release the new car before 2016, but they won’t produce the new car soon enough. In fact, the whole concept and ideas for the making will start new year.

It’s possible, though, that the concept car will be launched and revealed during the Geneva Auto Show in the 2012. During the Frankfurt Motor Show, the company’s CEO has stated that they will show off their new design if they really have come with something. It seems that Lamborghini’s third model design will be off from the sport model style. It seems that the company is trying to prove that there’re other models available for selling besides the sports model only. The sedan and SUV seems to be very promising market. Maybe they’re trying to bring back the glory of their 2008’s Estoque success. Hopefully it will hit a success too.

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  1. crapheap says:

    why is Lamborghini trying to make a Ferrari when what was great was that they were trying not to be Ferrari but crazier

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