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Mitsubishi Motors launches Mirage in Thailand

Mitsubishi Motors has launched the new Mirage in Thailand, which is also the country where the city car is assembled. The Mirage city car is a very important product for the Japanese brand because it was specially designed to be sold in numerous markets across the globe. In most countries, the city car will be given duty to replace Mitsubishi Colt.

Mitsubishi Mirage city car measures dimensions of 146 inches long, 65 inches wide and 58 inches long. The dimensions make the all-new city car brings the same size with Nissan’s Micra, which will also be its one of tough competitors because both of them run in the same segment. For the exterior section, Mitsubishi Mirage does not use any angular styling belongs to the aging Colt in favor of a more rounded silhouette that is evocative of the Nissan’s city car and to a lesser extent the Yaris belongs to Toyota.

In Thailand, Mitsubishi only provides the Mirage with four-cylinder 1.2-liter engine that has ability to bring 78 hp and 73 lb-ft of torque. Customers are given chance to choose one of CVT and 5-speed manual transmission. Both options will deliver power from the engine to the front wheels, and there is no option of 4-wheel drive system.

Mitsubishi claims that although the Mirage is designed primarily to work on regular gasoline but it can also burn E10 and E20 gasohol, which is a mixture of ethanol and gas. The Japanese automaker also claims that their new city car spends a gallon of fuel for 51 miles.

The price of the Mitsubishi Mirage is about 380.00 Thai Bhat or about $12.500. The highest trim level can be purchased at 546.000 Thai Bhat or about $17.700 – comes with Bluetooth connectivity, navigation system and dash-mounted touchscreen display. Mitsubishi said they will bring the Mirage to Europe in 2013 but they do not mention if the city car will also enter the U.S. market.

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