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Kiat ESEMKA – The Indonesian Car

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Good achievement has been made and done by the SMK 2 Surakarta students by producing national car. They have managed to produce the original Indonesian car which is now being used as official vehicle of Surakarta regency.

The prototype of the ride was actually being introduced and released in the 2009, during National Exhibition event in Bandung. But at that time the car wasn’t getting enough good response because of the existence of international brands. However, good luck seems to come to the ride. Especially since the Surakarta local government has decided to use the car as their official vehicle.


The 2012 Kiat ESEMKA is given the code name of ESEMKA, which is a slight slang from the word SMK or vocational school. The students have managed – so far – to release and produce several models and lines, such as Digdaya and also Rajawali. The Digdaya is available in double cabin model and has managed to attract the Chinese industry to order. The Digdaya has tag price around 100 million rupiah which is certainly lower than the other car’s price, making this model attractive and interesting to see. Moreover, the models and the designs are truly attractive. People are starting to consider having this ride instead of spending money for other more expensive brands. The Rajawali, on the other hand, is available in SUV model which is surprisingly quite good. The ride is available with parking sensor, central lock, power steering, and other features. It’s able to accommodate about 7 passengers.

10 Responses to “Kiat ESEMKA – The Indonesian Car”

  1. Rudyanto says:

    congratulations, we are proud to hear about this breakthrough . Let this innovation be appreciated by our people by driving our national cars. Best regards from translator in Bali.

  2. KUN WARDOYO says:

    Congratulation Mr. Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and SMK Student Surakarta. Congratulation for Indoensian people, I Love You.

  3. SingaporeanGal says:

    Sorry, this is an epic failed.

    The most and VERY ugly car i have seen!!!!!

  4. BirdMan says:

    I don’t get it… Why Indonesians are so proud of this? It’s assembled from spare parts you can find in any workshop. Anyone with a few tools and some money to waste can do it.
    Agree with SingaporeanGal, Epic Fail.

  5. Rudyanto says:

    For your info, of all the materials and components that had gone into the Kiat Esemka 80 percent was local and 20 percent imported. The demand is ever increasing, reportedly Solotechnopark has received 15,000 units of Kiat Esemka SUV. Yes together Indonesians can ! have a nice weekend, God bless us.

  6. Rudyanto says:

    Meanwhile, a number of House of Representatives (DPR) members in Jakarta were also reported to have placed orders for the locally made car. another good news !

  7. NOSTRADAMUS says:

    compared to proton which still depend for engine by campro and mitsubishi and engineered by lotus so the achievement of this high schoold student is far more better than the Proton Car industry which is the same with digital sablon industry lol

  8. me says:

    why does this car made ​​Indonesia so proud is because this car manufactured or assembled by SMK students… if Indonesia want, it would be very long time ago Indonesia was able to produce national cars, but because of regulations and for a better investment climate in the automobile industry, the government of Indonesia decided not to enter into this section.

  9. Rudyanto says:

    Jakarta: Kosgoro 1957, a mass organization affiliated with the Golkar Party, says it will buy 40 Kiat Esemka SUVs made by students in Surakarta, Central Java.

    “We plan to buy the cars since they are cheap and good. I’ve done a test drive of the car myself,” Golkar official Agung Laksono said on Monday as quoted by kompas.com. The cars would be used by Kosgoro 1957’s provincial branches.

    Kosgoro 1957 deputy secretary-general Leo Nababan said: “We are about to sign a contract.”

    Production of the Kiat Esemkas,produced and assembled by students of a local vocational senior high school, has attracted the attention of officials, including Surakarta Mayor Joko Widodo and his deputy, Hadi Rudyatmo, who have been using Kiats as their official vehicles.

    Education and Culture Minister M. Nuh will also reportedly buy a Kiat and give it to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

  10. Saliaman Raharjo says:

    selamat SMK N 5 solo untuk mobil masa depan biar terjangko masyarakat bawah,tanks

  11. nurcol says:

    best car in Indonesia

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