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Hiriko EV – Foldable Car Headed Production

Some days ago, in Brussels, Belgium, Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission presented Hiriko EV. He called the car as a model of social innovation. This revolutionary small car was invented in Basque Country. It could be realized because of the support of private company, MIT.

In Basque language, Hiriko means Urban. This name was taken as symbolization that the small car would be purposed for the urban society. As future car, Hiriko is powered by four in-wheel electric motors. Unfortunately, there are no explanations from MIT about the output of the motor and the type of the batteries used by the car. The only information we grabbed from the builder of the vehicle is that the battery has a range of 75 miles. As urban future car, Hiriko is not fast because its top speed is just less than 40 miles per hour.

According to the creator, Hiriko EV can comfortably load two passengers. The compartment for the passenger is accessed through a front-mounted door that swings upwards. The most original feature brought by Hiriko EV is the rear door – it can be folded under the chassis. In that configuration, the Hiriko EV appears shorter than Fourtwo from Smart. Its small size allows us to park it in even the most crowded places without have to face lots of troubles.

The first Hiriko EV will be part of car-sharing pilot program. Some parties have shown their interest to this foldable car, including Galapagos Islands, Berlin, San Francisco and Barcelona. Once the pilot project is over individuals are allowed to have this car in their garage. The target price for Hiriko EV is about 12.500 euros or about $16.233. But, this price does not include batteries and it has to be leased. The first Hiriko series, according to its builder, will be delivered in early 2013.

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