Having a look at 2017 McLaren 540C

Perhaps, you might not believe this, but the 2017 McLaren 540C appears to be an entry-level model. One can hardly find anything remotely similar to steel wheels, rubber floor mats or cloth seats in this vehicle.

Disclosed in 2015, it happens to be the main thing of McLaren’s three-tier supercar pyramid. It’s also the cheapest representative of the Sport Series.

The 2017 McLaren 540C actually incorporates all the subtle aero tricks, defining the brand’s dynamic personality.

An elegant front spoiler as well as a mix of huge intakes low in the nose form rather a delicate balance between corridors for cooling air and downforce.

In general, the look is quite spectacular. At least its extraordinary carved doors could be displayed in a contemporary art museum.

Quite noticeable flying buttresses, which extends from the rear of the major roofline contributes a lot to downforce, stability and cooling with a minimal drag penalty.

As for the interior, it’s striking and simultaneously simple. What’s more it’s single-mindedly driver-focused.

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