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Marc ecko Extreme Urban Assault Vehicle – the Gurkha

When you’re dealing with movie production, especially the famous, well-known movie like The Fast and the Furious, you want to make sure that all the cars involved in the production are only the best, with cool look and style and great, high-top performance in engine, speed, and acceleration.

Most of the cars involved in Fast and Furious production will gain recognition and fame from people, especially car lovers. The new car which is rumored to be used in this movie is the Gurkha. It’s like a military issues vehicle, looking like a tank – definitely not a hummer – with engine performance similar to other luxurious, sporty cars. It’s one of the Extreme Urban Assault Vehicle, owned by Marc Ecko.
gurkha extreme urban
It runs on 4 cylinder 2600 cc diesel engine, capable of producing 113 hp, along with manual 5 speed transmission. It has 5 seating arrangement with very poor quality in interior design. However, it looks solid and strong. It looks like one of those cars able to ram you down.

Back to Marc Ecko, he seems to like driving his Gurkha around regularly, which is quite weird. Can you imagine waiting in traffic light next to a tank-look alike-vehicle? Scary, isn’t it? Now can you imagine it’s being in a movie?

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  1. Adam says:

    This is actually a Ford F-550 chassis, with either International’s 6.4L V-8 turbodiesel or Ford’s 6.7L turbodiesel, not a 4 cylinder.

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