David Brown’s 2017 Mini Remastered

Next month the 2017 Mini Remastered is expcted to make its British highly anticipated debut at the London motor show. The information has been already confirmed by David Brown Automotive.

Being a luxury version of the regular Mini, the newly unveiled 2017 Mini Remastered boasts a tweaked 1275cc motor, a bespoke interior, paintwork and Apple CarPlay functionality.

The vehicle actually invokes the old-school spirit of ‘customised’ 1960s Minis. It’s fully handbuilt, utilizing new body panels, fettled by DBA to drastically improve the fit as well as finish and also to ensure the smooth body look, extremely valued in the 1960s. The vehicle is a product of up to 1400 man hours of labor, while 400 of which deal with the paintwork.

It undoubtedly happens to be the ultimate in classic town, modern and also city driving, as the car maker states. Although manually built, it also incorporates mind-blowing up-to-date technology.

As for the car’s engine, it’s a thoroughly reconditioned 1275cc unit. Previously it gave power to Cooper S models as well as the 1970s 1275 GT.  The engine gets along an authentic four-speed manual gearbox, though it underwent re-conditioning too.

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