New Marshal Tire Company in Indonesia

 Marshal Tire Company Indonesia
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A new tire product and brand is ready to launch their products in Indonesian auto industry. The Marshal Tire Indonesia can be the newest options for auto enthusiasts in order to complete their rides’ look. This company can provide the needed tires for different kinds of vehicles and purposes; starting from the regular passenger rides, SUVs, and also commercial usages that are often used by buses and trucks.

The company from South Korea is stating their commitments in supporting the growth of auto industry in Asia and also supporting the growth on national made products. Marshal is a brand that has been around since 1984 and has been sold in around 105 different countries all over the world. The main reason why the company is opening new branch in Indonesia is to provide another options in tire industry, so vehicles owners and users can choose which tire is the best for their daily use and operations.

The company will start by opening its main branch in Java. Later on, they will expand to Kalimantan and Sumatra, specifically to the mining areas that will need strong and sturdy tire products. Of course, the standards of the tires have been made according to the official regulations so everything is basically very safe.

Achilles Tires Are Being Recalled – Indonesia

 Achilles TiresThis is definitely not so good news for tire manufacturer from Indonesia, Pt. Multistrada Arah Sarana, which released the Achilles tires, with model Radial Radar RLT-9 and also A/P Desert Hawk. The NTHSA has announced the recall issue for those tires in relation to the possibility of accidents that can cause lives.

According to the official report from NTHSA, both of the tires are produced and made far below the safety standard released by the bureau. The condition of the tire violates the rule no.139 concerning the pneumatic condition of tires, especially the ones built for light weight vehicles. It’s believed that the surface of the tires on Desert Hawk model is too thin; while the Radar model is having serious issues with the side wall surface. Both of these conditions can increase the possibility of accidents and crash, due to the lack of air pressure.

The US government feels that they necessarily has to release official statements and warnings considering that the company has to recall about 36,592 units from the US tire markets. The government also asks the company to recall the products and notify their costumers. It’s required that they need to provide free tire replacement this April 2012.

Arkym J12 Rims from HRE Wheels

Arkym J12 Rims from HRE Wheels

Not many people realize this, maybe, but all auto enthusiasts know that all aspects in the tuning process of the car are very important; from the engine department to small details on the exterior part – like the grille, rear spoiler, side skirt, or many others. Everyone knows that all aspects are very important – in terms of designs, styles, and also taste.

Now, everyone knows that lightweight wheels rims made of alloy can really improve the esthetic part of the ride. Not only the rims are able to really increase the overall style of the ride to the next level, but they  also do loads of good things for the technology. The same idea and method is also done by the HRE Wheels, the American aftermarket tuner company that comes up with their latest design and creation of Arkym J12. They’re releasing the news about this new item since they’re planning to provide this device for the upcoming production item.

The device comes with monoblock architecture design and it also comes with multi spoke styling.  Thanks to the design and unique built, the overall look is looking dynamic. This feature is certainly good for the ride the rims will be fitted to. The rims will be available within 19 and also 20-inch size.

Airless Tire from Bridgestone [Video]

Bridgestone introduces airless tires

What if you don’t have to deal with fussy flat tore over and over anymore? All these people, people often have to struggle with their problem; whether it doesn’t have enough air pressure or the worst part is when they have to deal with flats. Well, they don’t’ have to worry about such thing anymore because now the airless tire concept is available, thanks to Bridgestone.

Bridgestone develops airless tire as their future concept to make the whole part of the auto becomes futuristic. This airless tire is said to be very good for the environment because of its green concept. The company has stated that the new tire will be much efficient and better than the already existed tire we have now. For a starter, we don’ need to worry about having flats anymore. Second, the tire is designed with all the good and sophisticated technology that allows it to be solid and sturdy to support heavy weight, yet flexible enough in order to absorb shakes and bumps.

Bridgestone introduced airless tires concept during the Tokyo Auto Show, but the company hasn’t provided much information and official statements about their new plan. Well, let’s just wait and see for such tire to finally be produced! Read the rest of this entry »