Next month, Renault brings Alpine Inspired Concept to Monaco?

Alpine Inspired Concept

We heard rumors that Renault wants to bring back historical Alpine nameplate for some time but up to today with the new Alpine Inspired Concept, we never find an exact fact due to the media report. As we know, Alpine was one of the most popular Renault’s models that stopped production in the 1990s. Compared with other models from the French automaker, the Alpine was including success, especially in the European market.

Once again, the rumors have never come true until today but recently, they have become increasingly credible and frequent since Carlo Tavares, a racing enthusiast was appointed as the general manager of the French automobile manufacturer. This year, the iconic Alpine A110 will celebrate its 50th birthday and the company might just have a surprise in store to celebrate the special moment.

Renault design chief, Laurens van den Acker said to UK’s Autocar that it would be remiss not to do something to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Alpine A110.

A report comes out from French media said that the French automaker might present a concept inspired by the legendary Alpine next month at the Monaco Grand Prix. The moment is chosen because the car is known by the public as a sports car. The Alpine Inspired Concept  is said will be powered by a 400 horsepower engine under its hood and it is fully functional.

If the Alpine inspired concept indeed shown at the Monaco Grand Prix next month, it does not mean that it will be revived and added to Renault lineup as a regular production car.

However, the French company pulled a similar decision in 1996 when celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 4 CV. Renault built a retro-styled prototype called the Fiftie but it never brought to the production stage and reach showrooms as Renault’s lineup. So, let us wait until next month when the company showcases the Alpine Inspired Concept to the public.

Rumors: Facel Vega appears at Paris Motor Show?

Among automotive analysts, the name of Facel Vega maybe is not too familiar. It is something normal because the name is no longer existed. Facel Vega was an automaker fromFrance that existed from 1954 to 1964. During its operation, the automaker was quite popular as one of the best sedans and coupes builder from the Napoleon’s country. The company even dubbed as Rolls Royce fromFrance because of its capability in building luxury sedans and coupes.

Many rumors appeared to the surface reported that Facel Vega would comeback to automotive industry. Unfortunately, those rumors were never come true. Recently, some media reported once again the same rumors. They reported that Facel Vega will join the modern automotive industry and debuts in Parisat the Paris Motor Show 2012 that will be held next fall.

To support the reports, some media even showcased some images of the modern Facel Vega. From the images, we can see that the car appears as a coupe. However, there are no explanations about who is behind the revival. Media, especially fromFrancereported that the plan to bring Facel Vega back to automotive industry is coming from some ambitious students.

Up to today, the images we can earn from the internet are in the form of sketches and computer-generated teasers, but some analysts said that it looks promising. The sketches of the modern Facel Vega show us a 2+2 coupe. Apparently, the exterior design is inspired from the Facel Vega but it gets some customizations that help it appears sportier.

If the rumors are true, so it will be nice to wait what kinds of coupe they offered.  If the capability of the modern Facel Vega builders is good, then maybe we will able to find once again the French version of Rolls Royce.

Ferrari Powered Hydroplane is Up For Auction

A Ferrari V12-powered hydroplane, ARNO XI will go to Monaco this May but not for a race or an event but it will enter auction. The ARNO XI was the Achille Castoldi’s brainchild and it is built in 1953. The boat was constructed with the help of Italian automaker, Ferrari and two Ferrari’s Grand Prix drivers, Luigi Villoresi and Alberto Ascari.

The engine used by the ARNO XI was the just the same as had been given to the Ferrari’s Type 375 Grand Prix car. The GP car recorded an unforgettable moment when it got the first ever victory in 1951 in Silverstone, England. At the time, the driver was Jose Froilan Gonzalez. However, when the engine used by the ARNO XI, Ferrari customized and changed some minor parts. The engine was given a couple of superchargers endowing the boat with 502 horsepower at 6.000 rpm.

Originally, Castoldi created the ARNO XI for making a world record. And the dream came true when in October 15 1953, he reached the dream – the ARNO XI reached 150.19 mph. The record made on Lake Iseo, northern Italy. The ARNO XI establishing a world speed record for an 800kg boat. We have to tell you that the record still stands up to today.

ARNO XI, the piece of bating history is up for auction in Monaco. Since new, this legendary boat was having by only three owners. It is expected to fetch from $1.3 million to $1.8 million in May at RM Auctions, Monaco.

If you are interesting to collect an exceptional piece of boating history, you must go to Monaco next May. The auctions will be held only two days – at 11 and 12 May 2012. This is a rare chance that will not come to you twice and will make you become a part of history.

Waiting for the new Aston Martin Zagato

Waiting for the new Aston Martin ZagatoAston Martin is going to work again with the coach-builder Zagato.

The last time the two companies had a cooperation was 50 years ago, when they created the DB4GT Zagato.

Since that moment, however, they enjoy a very good relationship.

About the DB4GT Zagato, 19 units of the model are still in existence today and held in some renowned museums.

The first vehicle they built was then extensively raced, starting at the 1961’s Goodwood.

Chief Executive, Dr. Ulrich Bez, says the current time is appropriate to begin the project of new Aston Martin Zagato.

He believes the new collaboration can create something extraordinary, more fabulous than the DB4GT Zagato.

In fact, the DB4GT Zagato has been considered as one of the most famous Aston Martin vehicles of all time.

The initial concept of the new Aston Martin Zagato will be introduced on 21st of May 2011, at the Villa D’Este Concours.

The introduction will be used to estimate initial reaction of customer. While the production process may begin in 2012.