Mugen is creating Honda CR-Z

Mugen is creating Honda CR-ZA highly tuned form of Honda CR-Z hybrid is being built by Mugen.

Mugen is a specialist tuning firm that has been long standing partner of Honda.

The firm build the Civic Type R Mugen in 2009. The car is an extreme form of Honda popular hot-hatch.

The new CR-Z will have similar performance with the Type R. But the new car is intended to be more fuel-efficient.

The new CR-Z will be powered by 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine paired with the Honda IMA system. Both are featured with some enchantments for boosting torque and power.

For lowering the weight, lightweight materials such as carbon fiber will be utilized. For reducing unsprung mass, Mugen alloy wheels will be used.

And for improving the chassis dynamics, the car will be fitted with suspension and bespoke brakes.

Mugen body parts will also be featured on the car to give it a sportier appearance.

Honda UK’s Marketing Head, Martin Moll, says that the new CR-Z will be a quick hybrid.

With greater power and torque, added with high degree of Mugen’s specialization in building Honda cars, the new CR-Z is really promising an exiting driving.

Until now, Honda has no plans to enter the new CR-Z hybrid into production. However, the car will be debuted in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Honda Civic concepts are developed for US customers

Honda Civic concept at the showAt the Detroit Auto Show, Honda unveils its new Civic Si coupe and saloon Concepts.

In the US, Honda successfully gets about 90,000 new customers every year for the current generation of Civic. It is therefore the new Civic Si coupe and saloon Concepts are designed to meet the specifications of American customers. And they will not be sold in the European markets. The two models is predicted to be the leader of styling direction for most cars that will appear in the US market this spring.

The range of Honda Civic in the US will cover two sporty ‘Si’ performance versions, petrol models, and a variant of natural gas alternative-fuel and hybrid. However, the Civic Hybrid may be the latecomer in the range. And later on, the model will be available with the newest system of lightweight and compact Integrated Motor Assist or IMA.

Meanwhile, the only OEM-built of Honda Civic – the GX model, is being expanded in its retail sales in the US. The model is natural gas-powered, dedicated Compressed Natural Gas passenger car assembled in the US.

In the near future, Honda may also develop the new Civic concepts for the UK and European markets. However, mechanically, they will be different from the Civic models designed for American customers.

Honda to recall 1.35 million Fit subcompacts globally – Tokyo Japan

TOKYO  (Reuters) — Honda Motor Co. said in this day it would recall about 1.35 million Fit subcompact car globally to fix bad wiring in the headlamps.

>> “No accident was reported from the defect”

Subject to the callback are Fit autos built at Honda’s Suzuka factory in Japan between Nov 2001 and Oct 2007. About 735,000 units will be called back in Japan, where the Fit is the 2d most popular car behind Toyota Motor corporations Prius, excluding 660cc minivehicles.

honda recall tokyo
Honda will also recall 143,000 Fits exported to the U.S., and 385,000 units in EU, where the model is called the Jazz. The car will also be recalled in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

In Japan, the recall will cost about $43 million)and will have negligible impact on Honda’s earnings, the spokesman said.

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