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Jakarta Modification Festival (JAKMODFEST)

Jakarta Modification Festival (JAKMODFEST) can be your newest spot for hanging out, especially if you are into modified ride and such thing alike. You can come to Jakarta Modified Car Show held in Ecovention Building at Ecopark Ancol, North Jakarta from 29th to 30th of November 2014. You can see and admire around 350 units of modified rides.

These rides are competing against one another to win around 112 HIN – Hot Import Nights – accompanied by performances of super cars and also prestige rides. You can enjoy the performance by Leng Yein, the special female guest DJ as well as Liberty Walk tuner, Wataru Kato, from Japan.

Besides seeing 350 modified car show at Jakarta, you can also see the show set up by GT Radial, since they have prepared a special category, Special GT Radial Class, designed for participants using GT Radia tires. Through this show, GT Radial company wants to send out messages that their products aren’t only useful and functional for racing events, but also for modification shows. Some of their products, like Champiro HPX, Champiro HPY, and Champiro SX2 are often used in modification contests.

This HIN tour will be held in 9 big cities in Indonesia, and you can be sure that only the best modified rides will be participating in the event.

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II Body Kit and Powerkit by Mansory

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II Body Kit and Powerkit by Mansory

An aftermarket package – which is believed to still deliver the classiness and exclusivity of Rolls Royce – is released, although exact pricing hasn’t be made yet. Rolls Royce Ghost Series II body kit and powerkit by Mansory comes with all the important support like interior style modifications and changes. You can be sure that this package has all the artistic beauty in it.


The body kit for Rolls Royce Ghost Series II Mansory comes with new designed grille, improved front bumper, rear apron with modified feature, and also side skirts. The changes also include lighter carbon fiber hood, wide fenders (also from carbon fiber), and boot discreet lid lip. As if weren’t enough, you can still enjoy the stainless steel pipes and the sporty bespoke exhaust system.

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Buying MMA Fight Gear at

Shock Doctor Core Compression Short with Bioflex Cup

You may be familiar with MMA – Mixed Martial Arts – where different techniques and methods of martial arts are combined into one. MMA covers all kinds of physical activities like grappling, striking, boxing, punching, kicking….you name it. It is definitely a hard and rough type of sport, but if you are into such physical contacts and hardship, you may like doing it.

Despite its rough and hard nature, you can actually do this sport without having to worry about being injured or hurt. That’s why you need to have the proper and right MMA fight gear that won’t only support and improve your performance, but also provides great safety. Although these gears may seem simple and unimportant, they hold very vital role in your performance and comfort. The fighting shorts, for instance, should come in high quality material that fits you nicely. Sure, you can wear any shorts you want, but are you sure that they are comfy enough and they can do you good things? A pair of shorts that are specifically designed for MMA activities is mostly flexible as well as durable and comfortable. They are made from good quality materials that can absorb the sweat as well as regulating body heat nicely and healthily. They are mostly fit – not too tight or too loose – since they should provide great easiness when you are moving around. When you wear too tight shorts, it would be very uncomfortable for you – not to mention that you are showing off parts that aren’t related to the activity. If you are wearing too loose shorts, it can hinder your performance, and cause you injuries and wound.

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