Paul Walker Cars Collection – 2014

Paul Walker Cars Collection

The world mourned over the death of one of the Fast and Furious stars, Paul Walker, the previous weeks. And as if the news about the guy had never seem to end, there are also another news about the so called Paul Walker cars collections.

It seems that Walker wasn’t only into rides for the sake of his movies, but mainly because he was truly passionate about cars. He was known as the car guy, and it isn’t surprising that he owner very cool car collection. The impressive and expensive auto mobiles collection has just been revealed.

There is a video clip named The Smoking Tire that is revealing the star’s nice collection, which also include Porsche, Mustang, Nissan, Ferrari, and also Beemer. The video clip is claimed to be made around last year by Matt Farah from the Smoking tire, but the identity of the cars’ owner was made secret. Not only those cars, Walker is also said to have Rolls Royce Phantom in blue matte finish and having two vinyl warps – which cost around $14,000.

It seems that Walker’s life related so much with cars. He starred car themed actions, owned cool car collections, and died in car accident when the Carrera GT crashed and exploded.

2014 Lamborghini Gold Syahrini

2014 Lamborghini Gold Syahrini Pink

Indonesian artist, Syahrini, has never stopped making headlines with her sensation and actions. after previously known with her quirky hair trend or her false eyelashes, Syahrini is making another headline with her exclusive and expensive Lamborghini.

The 2014 Lamborghini gold Syahrini is making headlines because the singer likes to change the colors of the ride. This is the third time for her in changing the cover paint – again and again. This time the Aventador LP 700-4 with B 1 SYR plate is covered in gold, making the ride looks special and one of a kind. Of course, this ride – costs around IDR 9.8 billion – stands out among the others due to the color.

This singer is known to like changing colors of her ride; in fact in monthly basis. She admits that she likes trying different colors each month so her ride will look different. when she first bought it around October the 22nd, the Aventador was covered in orange. Around November the 12th, it changed into purple. And starting around November 17th, it became the now known as the 2014 Lamborghini gold Syahrini. Read the rest of this entry »

Kim Kadashian’s mom Cars – Mercedes G63 AMG

Kim Kadashian’s mom

Kim Kardashian certainly has very interesting life and events, especially with so many family members who also have their own lives and activities. Nothing that is done by the family members has ever made us bored, even the slightest activities that will seem normal to other people.

And now Kim Kadashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, is treating herself. After all, with all the money she gained from the reality shows and other activities – she has her own business and become managers for her husband and her daughters – buying a new ride shouldn’t be a problem. and why should it be? After all, rumor has it that she has about $20 millions of fortune, anyhow.

With so much money at hand, Kris doesn’t have any problems buying the perfect Christmas present for herself – a brand new Mercedes G63 AMG. She seems to have certain interest in SUV model and with the release of this particular SUV product from Mercy, why shouldn’t she buy one for herself? This ride is certainly a great combination of true power and also classic and stylish body styling. It is also possible that Kris got the idea from Kim since Kim has owned the similar ride – from the same manufacturer.

2013 Porsche 911 Cabrio Belonging to Soulja

New Porsche 911 Cabrio Belonging to Soulja

Soulja Boy is a well known rapper, but since he has been hanging around with so many other rapper friends, it is kind of hard to keep track which ride is actually his. But the images of the rapper inside a white new Porsche 911 Cabrio ensure us that that ride is definitely his. If you think it belongs to Kingston or his other friends, it is not very likely.

 It seems that the young rapper posted his pics within the Cabrio with definitive purpose to let the world know that this German production is his. Well, looking by how confident and how comfortable he is inside the ride, it is quite logical if the ride is truly his.

 The new Cabrio comes with very good looking folding roof and also better designed – and also lighter – chassis. But somehow, the unique signature of a Porsche is still there. But we can be sure that this Cabrio is certainly good looking – although we can’t see what the rear side looks like because there are nno images of the back side. This ride is running on V6 engine with 3.8 liter capacity that can deliver 400 hp of power. Interested in having one like Soulja?