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Most people love watching movie series because of several reasons. They like the fact that the stories are real and very close to home. Some of them may be related to the stories because they also experience the same thing. But maybe the main reason why they watch the shows are because they need an escape from their daily busy and hectic life where they can always relax and enjoy themselves after a whole day being occupied with work and other things. The movie series are also available in different themes and types. There’re horror styles, drama, detective, mystery, and so many more. (1 page)

If people are into the type of movie drama style, then the “Untitled Jersey City Project” may be the perfect choice for their watching. The type of stories goes unpredictable and quite uncommon than the regular movie programs. The story can go back and forth, with the characters untangled in different kinds of situations, problems, and intrigue.  If you like this kind of story where you’re kept guessing from one scene to another and there’s a little bit of mysteries involved, then this series is definitely the perfect choice for you. Everyone’s character seems to be shadowy, full of intention, and mysterious. It seems that everyone has something in their mind and there’s a lot of power, money, and control being at stake here.

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Driving Wars – Most dangerous motoring challenges

Driving Wars

Driving Wars
Wednesdays from 19th October 2011, 9pm exclusively on Dave

Dave drives itself to destruction with a groundbreaking new series; combining the very latest in remote control technology, robotics and high speed video links with some of Britain’s best stunt drivers. Hosted by Colin Murray, Driving Wars allows Britain’s self proclaimed driving elite to take part in TV’s most dangerous motoring challenges.

Boy racers versus the Police, Go Kart Supremos versus fire truck drivers, Dave pits two teams of driving experts head to head. The rivals control real cars in real challenges, but instead of climbing aboard said stunt car, they are several hundred metres away, in an expertly converted Jaguar XJ6 that’s controlling the action.

The steering system, accelerator and brakes of the Jaguar are hooked up to sensors that relay every move made by the contestants to a real car out on the track, via radio control.  That car is fitted with high tech receivers that relay every turn of the wheel or foot on the pedal in the Jaguar to the radio control car by means of compressed air operated robotics.

Using TV mini HD cameras inside the cars, the signal is transmitted via high speed video link to the teams in the base station as they race against the clock for automotive bragging rights.

In Hollywood Bond-esque style, the teams have to try and avoid being squashed by a 12 tonne truck, jump a 100ft line of cars at 60-70mph, avoid a head on smash with a gargantuan tanker lorry and escape from a giant industrial maze before their car is hit by missiles that will trigger a petrol bomb hidden in the boot. The winners then go onto further destruction to prove their total driving expertise. Read the rest of this entry »

2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang – Video

the New 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang. classic curves, Sleek lines, and an all new assortment of colorful graphics with 540 hourse power powertrain that rides on the ROUSH competition series suspension. Lets Star the video for Muscle Cars

Just the Facts by
-The 2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Price : start around $59,945, says the Ford tuner.
-2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustang debuted Friday, with the accent on new graphics and design options.
-A new Roush vehicle configurator lets the curious play around with the new  graphic striping RS3, paint colors, and wheel options.

Nissan Patrol (complete with hidden cameras and a microphone)- Dubai

Video Rating: 4 / 5

“Nissan Patrol in dubai . We targeted other SUV drivers around Dubai. On several different days at many different locations, we blocked in their SUVs with our new Patrol, complete with hidden cameras and a microphone. Then we left a note encouraging them to move the car. Once they were inside the Patrol, they heard a special message explaining the features of the vehicle and encouraging them to contact the dealership for a real test drive. We weren’t sure how many people we would get… but we hoped they all signed up for a test drive”(