Lexus 2013 GS 450h

 Lexus 2013 GS 450h

If you expect to get great power with new technology from Lexus, the new 2013 Lexus GS 450h will be the best  Unlike other hybrid cars that are quite disappointing and sluggish, this new ride won’t ever disappoint you in such a way. In fact, you can get quite impressive speed without compromising the fuel efficiency system at all.

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2013 Lexus RX Redesign

2013 Lexus RX Front Side

Lexus is launching the new variant of 2013 Lexus RX in Dubai. This model is designed and launched for the UAE market for now. The design for this RX variant is actually not new because it’s a 2013 lexus rx redesign. However, some changes for the body and the engine have been made, especially with spindle grille trademark for the exclusive ride.

This new RX is coming with new system of V6 Hybrid Drive – specially designed by Lexus – with Atkinson cycle of 3.5 liter capacity engine producing around 295 bhp of power. With automatic six speed transmission and al wheel driving system – at least from the UAE market only – the overall performance is promising and reliable. The electric power is said to be able to reach 25 kmph.

For the outer look, the ride will be coming with LED daytime, new designed steering wheel, new paneling system, new trim options, and also color options. It comes with new RTI or Remote Touch Interface technology to make the operation easier and smoother. This design will be the first and also novel SUV variant that will join the F-Sport line. The overall look has nice HID lamps, front side bumper with unique logo, and also chrome finished wheels with 19-inch size. It will be sold around AED179,000 Read the rest of this entry »

Fiat launches third-generation Panda to Europe

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Italian automaker, Fiat displayed Panda to the European public. Auto analysts judged that the compact hatchback offers a very “friendly” design language by combining some basic elements of practicality and fun. For the third generation of the one of the best selling cars in Europe, the Italian company gives some improvements, including bigger dimension, more spacious cargo space and upgraded safety features. Fiat also makes it to be more frugal; thanks to Fiat’s constant endeavor in the direction of engine downsizing.

The third generation Fiat Panda will be launched in three different engine choices headed by award winning TwinAir Turbo engine. The engine has a displacement of 875 cc produces 85 horsepower. By applying such unique combination of power, economy and flexibility, the engine can produce the lowest carbon dioxide emissions. The TwinAir Turbo engine returns a European Combined Cycle average of 67.3 mpg. To complete the option, the Italian company also develops a naturally aspirated version of the same unit, which according to plan; it will be launched for the first time later this year. Apart from it, Fiat has also tuned their 1.2-liter FIRE engine, which had been used by Punto and is able to produce up to 69 horsepower with increased fuel economy. For diesel lovers, Fiat gives chance to choose 1.3-liter MultiJet2 Turbo Diesel engine.

All of the engine options come with Gear Shift Indicator and Start-Stop as standard feature. The GSI or Gear Shift Indicator allows driver to change gear position to obtain maximum efficiency. Because the overall dimensions of the 2013 Fiat Panda are grown bigger, so there will more legroom in the rear passenger section and extra cargo space that will really useful for carrying luggage. There will be three different trim levels available – Pop, Easy and Lounge.

Finally, 2012 Audi TT enters India

The 2012 version or the second generation of both Audi TT coupe and TT roadster has grown to become two new icons of the German automaker among automotive customers around the world. We already knew that dynamic design was the key point of the Audi TT when it got 2007 World Car of the Year. The 2011 version of the popular coupe and roadster has given design that is more dynamic, better fuel economy and better performance specifications, which made it to be more attractive. One of the most highlighted features of the Audi TT’s exterior profile is its big front bumper housing fog lamps and front grille.

The wheel arches of the German coupe and roadster have been made to be bold and more pronounced with sharp curve detailing. Some improvements will be also given to the headlamps. For the rear section, Audi makes it looks more aggressive by giving the taillights floating reflectors. The 2012 version of the Audi TT measures 4187 mm of length, 1842 of width and 1352 of tall (coupe) and 1357 of tall (roadster). The German automaker also increases the dimensions of the new TT version, compared with the previous model. Under its hood, we will able to find a TFSI engine 2.2-liter that has ability to produce up to 211 horsepower.

To help customers get the specs they need, Audi offers 6-speed S Tronic transmission as optional as well as 2.0-liter engine and Quattro all-wheel drive system. The Audi TT is able to reach 60 km/h from standing start in 6.1 seconds with 245 km/h of top speed. The German car will be available in two different rim levels. The German brand will also provide 2 S Line packages, which focuses on design modifications in the diffuser, air inlets and bumper. The car will be officially launched to the market soon.