2011 Wiesmann GT MF4-S Price, Review and Pictures

The 2011 Wiesmann GT MF4 and MF4-S

The 2011 Wiesmann GT MF4 and MF4-S are preserving the old and classic look of the car. With unique characteristic of long nose with slightly bent style, these cars are definitely beautiful and worthy collection. The cars certainly combine the power of both great performance and stylish aesthetic element.


2011 Wiesmann GT MF4


The 2011 Wiesmann GT MF4 roadster is certainly available in vintage appearance, but the performance doesn’t have any vintage feeling at all. It’s fast, sleek, and beautiful. The outer look is sporty and elegant, with sleek lines along the body structure. The interior cabin is perfectly taken care of, with great safety features. The car is equipped with complete airbags, protection safety for the side impact, power steering, Antilock Brake System (ABS), seat belt with 3 points safety, and Dynamic Stability Control technology.

 2011 Wiesmann GT MF4-S Engine

The 2011 Wiesmann GT MF4-S comes with superb outer appearance. With headlamps bi-xenon and retractable spoiler, the car is certainly beautiful. The car is running on V8 of 4.0 liter engine, producing 420 hp, just the same as the BMW M3.


2011-Wiesmann-GT-MF4 Pictures
2011-Wiesmann-GT-MF4 Picture

2011 Wiesmann GT MF4-S Price

The car may not change so much from the original design, but why should anyone change it if the original version is such perfection? The new 2011 Wiesmann GT MF4 will be sold around €133,000.