Tesla supplies electric powertrain to Mercedes-Benz

Two famous names in auto industry, Daimler and Tesla will collaborate and produce a new Mercedes-Benz Electric. Some auto media in internet reported that Tesla’s fourth-quarter earnings report released this week unveil the company’s plan to supply a full powertrain to German premium carmaker, Mercedes-Benz. However, there is no official report mentioned the name of the new electric Mercedes-Benz. However, this report is seemed to be true because there are some indicators showed that the Mercedes-Benz is interesting to bring their business one-step to electric powertrain.

The components that will be used by Mercedes-Benz are including inverter, transmission, electric motor and all of the software necessary to make sure that the car whirring along. Funds from the deal are thought to begin trickling in by the second quarter of this year. Unfortunately, there are no further details about the production timing available in the report.

Both Daimler and Tesla are not strangers in automotive industry. Daimler is an investor in the small electric car manufacturer. While Tesla has years of experiences supplying battery packs for the Smart-ED. At the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz made waves when the B-Class E-Cell Plus was unveiled to the public for the first time. At the time, the car adopted a lithium-ion battery that was coming from the joint venture Between Daimler and Evonik. It is certainly possible that the automaker from German has changed course on their five-door. Then again, the B-Class E-Cell Plus was an extended-range hybrid, whereas the electric powertrain supplier earning report seems to hint near a full-electric model.

We just can wait until this rumor comes true. When the collaboration between two big names in the industry comes true, then the future of automotive will be brighter than today.

2012 Tesla Model X Crossover

The new model of Tesla Model X crossover has made quite ‘chaotic’ shaking in online world, due to the great image that really shakes everything. There’re several images available on the online now, showing off the great ride from different angles and positions.

From what is available on the news, the new look for this Tesla model X is quite nice and impressive. This X design is using the special DeLorean doors which are often called as Falcon Wings. The design is almost the same as the gullwing door – which is opening upward – but the function will just be normal, so the ride can be opened up in regular garage or any parking lot. Of course, there will be additional benefits of egress and ingress. This special design makes the car somehow looks like a minivan, instead of crossover. When added up with space efficiency and functionality, people may mistaken it as a minivan with seven seating arrangement…with cargo compartments.

If people are interested, this ride will be available in three variants: the all wheel driving system, two wheel driving system, and the special all wheel driving system with two electric motors. This special driving system will be able to reach 60 mph within 4.5 seconds only.

This model will be available late in 2013 and the tag price will be around $57,000.

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The First Ever Electric Supercar from Tesla

Have you ever heard a rumor about Tesla Roadster? We want to tell you that it would be the next interesting product from the eco-friendly carmaker. This roadster is the product from Tesla that has ability to travel 245 miles only with the supply from batteries with a single charge. And we have to say that the vision of Tesla in producing eco-friendly car is something that has to be appreciated because they planned to run this car only with lithium-ion battery without fuel tank or other alternative sources of energy. This car has ever been launched some years ago; it even has breaking the world record because it traveled 311 miles with only a single charge.

The platform of the Tesla Roadster electric car was based on Lotus Elise, which was a supercar made by British carmaker, Lotus. Both automakers shared 6% of parts, windshield, airbags, suspension components and some front panels. The roadster used monocoque chassis specially made by Lotus for the electric supercar. The body was made from carbon fiber and it is handmade. A couple years ago, the version of Tesla Roadster 2.5-liter had been introduced to the market and the response of the public were quite positive. The newer version brought some newer parts and accessories that made the performance and comfort of the electric supercar became much better than the first version, including improved sound reduction technology, new seats and some other hardware.

Tesla Roadster was not like conventional petrol cars because it requires less services and maintenance. Owners are just required to repair or taking maintenance annually or every 12.000 miles. There are no requirements to replace oil, belts or even exhaust system because this car is zero emission. Some auto analysts expected that this electric supercar would be launched to the market continuously to give solution of global warming issue.

2012 Tesla Model S Full Price Scheme

2012 Tesla Model S Full

The new 2012 Tesla model S full is the truly in house model developed by the California auto manufacturer. We may have to say good bye to the old models, but don’t worry because there’s the newer replacement for such good vehicle. The model will be available in two options: the real Basic and the Performance.

The company has released the 2012 Tesla model S full price scheme. For the Basic alone, there’re three options of battery output choices: the 40 kWh ($57,000), the 60 kWh ($67,000), and the 85 kWh ($77,500). The cool thing is that buyers can get $7,500 tax reduction benefit.

The 2012 Tesla model S full cost scheme for the Performance has also been released, but there’s only one option of 85 kWh battery usage for this line. The price is set up around $87,500… again with tax reduction offer. If buyers want to have additional panoramic roof, they can have it for $1,500. if they want to add everything with sophisticated tech packages that includes LED foggy lights, USB ports for the rear side, Xenon headlamp, back up camera, keyless entry system, navigation system, and also hard drive with 16 GB capacity, they have to spend about $4,000.