2014 Maruti Suzuki Celerio Specs, Price, Pictures

2014 Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Maruti is offering another compact line in their production with the Celerio. The 2014 Maruti Suzuki Celerio is included within small car category and segment that is designed to deal with the chaotic and not-so-friendly Indian traffic. The ride is claimed to pass through the Indian roads before it is available for sale in dealerships.

Maruti seems to be confident enough with this Celerio line. In fact, Celerio is claimed to be the first Indian ride that is packed with AMT – Automated Manual Transmission – that will be introduced around February the 6th. There are lots of good feedbacks and opinions about the Celerio, including the current news and info. Several photos on the demo Yellow Celerio have been available in showrooms, and you are free to browse around internet sites for images and detailed specs.

Another great thinga bout Celerio is the AMT system which allows EZ Celerio Drive to work like a manual ride with flexibility of switching between manual and auto mode. Isn’t that cool or what? So far, the ride has been able to pique auto enthusiasts interest. Maruti Suzuki Celerio bookings open with advance payment around 10,000 lakhs. However, the 2014 Maruti Suzuki Celerio price India hasn’t been revealed up until now.

The ride itself will be available in six different trimming: two will come with EZ AMT Drive clutch-less model and four with manual transmission. It will be running on 3 cylinder, 998 cc, K10B engine that is able to deliver 67 bhp within 3,500 rpm. It also comes with alloy wheels, electric adjustable side part mirrors, rear side defogger, Bluetooth connection, steering wheels mounted control, dual tone interior cabin, and also driver side airbag. It is likely that the Celerio will be coming in 3.9 lakhs, with 5 lakhs for the automatic version. More to come, everyone!

Kizashi: All New Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki is planning to touch up and make changes for their Grand Vitara variant. The all new Suzuki Grand Vitara will be called as the Kizashi and the modifications are made to improve the quality of the production, and also to keep the ride stay fresh for several years ahead. The new generation of the Vitara is planned for the 2015 model.

The Kizashi is said to come with better grip, nice handle, and also impressive body style. However, if you are interested in this new SUV model, the ride will only be available when you order one. For the Indian auto market, the ride will be coming with CVL engine with 2.4 liter capacity and also petrol motor that can deliver 163 bhp. It is also coming with the Variable Valve Timing and manual 5 speed transmission – although you can have automatic 4 sped gearbox transmission system.  The Indian auto manufacturers, however, is planning to look for bigger ride with more reliable power.

For the European auto market, the Kizashi will come with diesel option. It will be running on diesel turbocharged engine with Fiat Multijet of 1.9 liter capacity producing 128 bhp.  However, the fuel economy system has reached 18.2 kmpl.

2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara

2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki has planned and announced their upcoming plan to release the new Grand Vitara with all the improvements and modifications. The 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara is believed to bring fresh air to the auto market, with all the new technologies, specs, and systems so auto enthusiasts can really enjoy the whole performance.

The new Vitara is planned to release in UK auto market first, since December 2012. There will be changes on the design, equipments, and also the engine so this mid size SUV ride will be attractive and appealing. the ride will be coming with new designed grille and bumper so the shape will be angular. When they are paired up with the foglamp and black accented headlight, the overall look is smashing. The ride will be coming with 17 inches or 18 inches wheels from alloy.

The Vitara will be coming with 2 main variants of SZ3 and SZ4. The SZ3 will be having 3 doors, while the SZ4 will be having 3 doors and 5 doors. There will also be SZ5 model that is coming with Color Navigation System with 6.1 inches of touchscreen feature. Suzuki has decided that their SUV should be versatile, good looking, and tough – and it seems that the ride has come with all the powerful features the company wants.

2013 Suzuki Ertiga Crossover Concept At IIMS 2012

2013 Suzuki Ertiga Crossover Concept

Ertiga variant from Suzuki seems to get very positive response not only from Indian auto market, but also from Indonesian auto market. So far, the demand for the variant is increasing; it is so much that the production plant in Gurgaon can’t keep up with the demand.

To keep customers’ interest flaring, Suzuki has offered the so called Suzuki Ertiga crossover concept which is expected to keep people from wanting more. The company has shown off their newest production during the IIMS 2012 event that is taking place at Jakarta, Indonesia, this week. The company seems to be very sure and confident about their newest creation, since the overall body kits and performance are quite satisfying, up to this point.

The Suzuki Ertiga crossover concept is showing off honeycomb grille unique design, with revised model for the front side bumper and bigger air dam system. The car also comes with side skirts in black, LED lamps in new design, front lip side, doQuble exhausts system, and also roof runners.

With this unique kit, the 2013 Suzuki Ertiga crossover concept is certainly appealing and also nice. For the Indonesian auto market, the ride will be available in auto mode. Interested to keep up with the upcoming update?