RenaultSamsung 2013 SM5 Platinum

2013 SM5 Platinum

Renault is preparing their new ride that is claimed to be the next best thing in the auto world and industry. their next production of RenaultSamsung 2013 SM5 Platinum is being showcased and displayed in the Seoul Auto Show, which follows the New York and Bangkok international auto event. This new ride from Renault is claimed to come with the turbocharged model with code name XE TCE.

 This ride is basically the third generation from the SM5 from Samsung with collaborative work with Renault Latitude. The design wasn’t new because it has been around 2009, but since the Latitude was given modifications and changes the previous year, the new design and style seems new. Now, the 2013 SM5 Platinum is coming with new engine specifications, especially with the turbocharged option. The car is running on MR190DDT engine with 1.6 liter capacity that was originally used in the Nissan Juke for the gasoline direct injection turbo power. With this specs, the ride is able to produce 190 PS. When paired with the gearbox DCT spec, you can certainly hope for better performance.

 There is not much information about the 2013 SM5 Platinum as the company doesn’t provide further details, but you can certainly hope this next RenaultSamsung will be the future ride that is reliable and promising. Read the rest of this entry »