Saab C70 – based Chinese car comes to 2012 Beijing Motor Show

2010 Saab 9-5

Earlier this year, some automotive media in the internet reported that a company from China called Beijing Automotive Industry would release 3 Saab-based cars in this April. Recently, we got the update of the reports that the Chinese company at least will bring one of those three models to the 2012 Beijing Motor Show this April 23.

3 Saab-based cars – Saab C70

The one of the 3 cars that would be displayed in Beijing is Saab C70, which is based-on the last generation of the Saab 9-5. It is something possible because the Beijing Automotive Industry got the rights to produce and release some Saab platforms, engines and gearboxes. The Chinese company got it when Saab sold it in late 2009. At that time, the sold of the right was very controversial issue, but some analysts said that it is normal because the Swedish based automaker would be able to earn the cash it needs to stay afloat long enough before Spyker takes over.

2012 Saab Redesign

However, even Beijing Automotive Industry has the right to use the platform of the Saab 9-5 but it could not use the design of the Swedish sedan, which means that the Chinese automaker must be able to produce an all-new body design for the Saab C70. Read the rest of this entry »