2014 Renault Kwid Concept Specs and Release Date

The new ride’s concept from Renault is quite adorable – if not cute. The combination of futuristic design and adorable structure seems to be the main attractive point of this ride. It’s called as the Kwid, incorporating the fresh colors of Kiwi – so it is mainly covered in yellow lime and green. The attractive design and fresh colors are meant to attract younger target. Some of the 2014 Renault Kwid concept photos have been available on the net. You should look into the images to decide whether it is adorable enough or not.

The Renault Kwid concept specs include protective guards, oversized wheels, short overhangs, chunky wings, and buggy look in complete look. It also comes in two tone materials for the four seats. There will be separated air conditioner and also control for the rear part, so the passengers on the back side also have the freedom to control what they can enjoy within the ride. There is also additional dashboard that can be integrated with the tablet so you can control and navigate the Flying Companion, which can take off from the back side of the Kwid, and can fly up through automatic or manual operation.

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2015 Renault Alpine Planning

2015 Renault Alpine

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Renault is disguising their upcoming Alpine model with Lotus test mule design, but the 2015 Renault Alpine test mule has seemed to be waited by lots of people so they immediately know what the company is up to. Nevertheless, the design and the style of the sport ride seems to make everyone curious; let alone that there are some spied images on the net these days.

 There are some things that have been revealed by the company. For the 2015 Renault Alpine details, the ride will be coming with wider chassis and also four cylinder turbocharged engine delivering 270 hp of power that is set up for the mid mounted design. There have been some debates about the types of engines used; Renault prefers the 2 liter capacity for power, while Caterham as its partner wants to have 1.6 liter capacity for light ability. Everyone hopes that the company will use the V6 engine, but it is highly unlikely.

It seems that we have to wait until the ride is available for production. It is predicted that the ride will be available for introduction only within the first halves of the following year. Hopefully, the French manufacturer won’t disappoint us at all.

2014 Renault Scenic XMOD

2014 Renault Scenic XMOD

Renault has decided to make some changes for their MPV variant. They had the so called Scenic, which was considered old school for today’s technology, so they decide to bring up the new 2014 Renault Scenic XMOD into the market.  This ride will be built based on the Scenic platform, but several changes, especially on the exterior side. You can expect seeing new designed bumper, roof bars, wheels from allow, sill guards, and also increased height to make it more suitable for off road experience.

 The 2014 Renault Scenic XMOD is the combination of MPV and crossover that enhances style, luxury, and elegance. The ride comes with new front side end that includes LED and Renault’s special signature. Since the ride is designed to replace the old Scenic in the UK market, some changes and styling have been made. There will be new logo that is bigger and more stylish on the black glossy background in order to enhance the look of the grille.

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2012 Renault Sandero GT Line in brAzil

Renault Sandero GT Line

The previously released Dacia Sandero has made auto enthusiasts and fans want for more. They ask for the company to release the hatchback version, and the company has finally obliged for the demand. The Brazilian division from Renault has finally designed the new Renault Sandero GT Line which is said to be different in styling and design from the previous model.

Unlike the previous model that came from the Eastern part of the Europe, this new 2012 Renault Sandero GT Line model is made in Brazil – a reason why the car looks so funky and so different. This 5 door ride comes with several different pats, especially for the bumper and the outer front side area. For instance, this Renault Sandero GT Line is coming with black headlights that are bigger than the previous model. It also comes with lower form grille and big foglights. The rear side is round with trunk spoiler being integrated with the taillights – with black out model – and fake diffuser.

Renault Sandero GT Line1

2012 Renault Sandero GT Line Price

As it was mentioned before, the overall look is very unique and funky, yet stylish and nice. For the interior cabin, the look is quite stylish with red trimming seatbelts, steering wheel, and also red and black combination for the seat upholstery. The car is running on the 1.6 liter capacity eight valve engine producing 106 hp of power.  The tag price is around €15.200 or $19,000 for Brazilian market. Read the rest of this entry »