2013 Proton Preve Launched in Indonesia

2013 Proton Preve

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The 2013 Proton Preve is planned to release soon enough in Indonesian auto market. one of the specialty of the ride is using the turbo engine which is said to boost the performance. Ot. Proton Edar Indonesia – PEI – confirmed that they will soon release the ride – if possible by the end of May.

 The 2013 Proton Preve Indonesia won’t be so much different from the one released in Malaysia the previous year. The aero kit is the same, and the overall performance will be similar. The only differences from Malaysian’s Preve and Indonesian are about the suspension and the wheels. On the dashboard and interior cabin, there are keyless nav system, start and stop button, cruise control, head unit with USB, Bluetooth, and AUX, and paddle shift.

 The ride will be running with CFE engine with 1.6 liter capacity delivering 140 PS with sequential CVT 7 transmissions. On the engine department, there is an intercooler complete with the required technology. For the 2013 Proton Preve price, it seems that the ride will be sold about IDR 250 million to IDR 300 million, but it is also possible that it will be sold less than that – around IDR 173 to 198 million.

2013 Proton Exora

2013 Proton Exora    frontside

Proton is preparing a new ride that isn’t only affordable but can also accommodate a lot of people. The new 2013 Proton Exora is even planned to be launched in Australian auto market, in order to expand the sales and the possibility to attract customers. If everything is going as planned, the ride will be available as soon as next year.

This affordable MPV is claimed to accommodate seven people. It will be running on turbo engine of 1.6 liter capacity that is able to deliver 138 hp of power or around 103 kW. When paired with the gearbox CVT, it is believed to deliver only great performance and smooth handling.

The 2013 Proton Exora Bold MPV will be available with the GX level for the standard mode which will come with the parking sensors on the rear, electric mirrors, Bluetooth connection, keyless entry system, and also wheels from alloy. For the higher level option, there will be the GXR model that would be added with DVD player and reversing camera. ABS system, traction control, ABS, and airbags will be available as the standard features for the safety. Read the rest of this entry »

Preve Variant for Proton Edar Indonesia



PEI or Proton Edar Indonesia has been confirming their plan to release their turbo engine sedan, the Preve, in Indonesia. The variant, which has been released earlier in Kuala Lumpur will be sold around 163 to 198 million IDR. This news has been confirmed by the President Director of PEI, Gunther Scherz, when he opened up a new dealership in Pancoran Mas, Depok.


 proton preve


The types of variants released will consist of three types: the Executive Manual, the CVT, and the Premium CVT. The Executive Manual will be running on 4 cylinder Campro IAFM machine of 1.6 liter capacity that is able to produce 107 PS. Along with manual 5 speed transmissions, this ride is expected to deliver the nice control and handling. The CVT will be running with the same engine, but with manual 6 speed transmissions.



The engine specs are a bit different for the Premium one. It comes with 4 cylinder CFE engine of 1.6 liter capacity with low pressure turbo power, producing ‘only’ around 138 PS. With ProTonic 7 speed transmissions, this ride is expected to be fast and speedy.



Besides the power and engine, the ride will be coming with Bluetooth connectivity, controlling buttons on the steering wheel, and other features that can improve interior cabin’s comfort.




2012 Proton Preve Release Date – Malaysia

From now, automotive enthusiasts around the world would know what Proton decided to call for their first global-market sedan. The Malaysian automaker has confirmed to media that their latest sedan would be called as Proton Preve – pronounced as prae-vae. Previously the C-segment sedan was called as P3-21A, but after the production version has officially finished, the Malaysian company decided to give it Preve. The new sedan was shown in camouflage at Proton’s Power last month.

Last week, Proton released an confirmation to media related to the car.

2012 Proton Preve Release Date

The company announced to media that the proton Preve would be released to the market for the first time later this month.

Proton Preve Price

Indicative of the Proton Preve Price starts at RM62,000 to RM75,000 but big chance, the sum would be lower at the launch time.

On the same occasion, the representative of the company also announces the Proton Preve Details to media. To help customers convenient when choosing the right type, Proton provides three variants of 1.6-liter model. The first variant is the Executive that brings a 5-speed manual gearbox and 6-speed CVT as optional. Both types of transmissions have duty to support the performance of a CamPro IAFM+ engine. The top trim level would be the Premium. It is powered by a turbocharged Charged Fuel Efficiency engine mated to a 7-speed CVT gearbox as standard. It also gets premium features, including paddle shifters, start-stop button, Bluetooth and CD player with Bluetooth and built-in navigator. Read the rest of this entry »