2014 Opel Meriva Specs and Photo

2014 Opel Meriva

Opel has come with their new designed minivan that is claimed to be the next powerful line in the auto industry. The 2014 Opel Meriva comes with new efficient diesel engine as well as new design and exterior part. The overall look is based on the design of Insignia sedan.

 If seen from the 2014 Opel Meriva photo, the exterior look comes with new chrome grille, LED eagle eye daytime headlights, chrome beltline side, and also LED taillights. For the interior cabin, there is infotainment system from IntelliLink along with operational color monitor in seven inch size. There is also rear view camera within the system.

 And for the 2014 Opel Meriva specs, the ride comes with turbodiesel CDTI motor with 1.6 liter capacity that is claimed to be very quiet and noiseless. The ride also comes with economy fuel friendly as well, with 4.4 liter packed for 100 kilometers, and CO2 emission around 116 grams per kilometer. This ride is able to reach 100 kilometers per hour in 9 seconds.

 The car is expected to be available soon in dealership starting on the first half next year, so it is likely that we should see this automatic six speed gearbox ride soon enough.

2013 Opel Adam OPC

Opel Adam OPC

Opel/ Vauxhall Adam has been considering about having some models and variants to compete against its opponents. And because the Vauxhall Adam has been designed to fight off the hatchback model from MINI and Fiat 500, it would be just normal that they should have the hatch variant to fight off the Cooper S from MINI and also the Abarth 500.

It seems that the car auto manufacturer does realize the fact; that’s why they are considering about making the Opel Adam OPC and also probably the XVR version. The news concerning the production of such variants isn’t clear yet. However, if the company is allowed to build the models, it is likely that they would be running on turbocharged engine with 1.6 liter capacity, delivering about 192 hp of power. There are several hints concerning the building, especially about the chassis arrangement, claimed to be powerful and sturdy enough for the current XVR.

If the 2013 Opel Adam OPC is going to be built soon, it is likely that the ride will get newer engine arrangement. It may be coming with turbocharged engine of 1.0 liter capacity and powerplant of using three cylinder arrangements, so there will be 2 different versions for different sales market.

New 2013 Opel Cascada Cabriolet

2013 Opel Cascada Cabriolet

Opel is very serious about their planning to release new series for their upcoming models. After they have launched the city car Adam, and the Mokka crossover for the foreign auto market, now they are coming with the new convertible type known as the Opel Cascade Cabriolet. The details of the patterns and the style aren’t clear up until now, but the company is ready to introduce the new vehicle into the market. With the Cascada, it means that Opel has producing three new models this year. An impressive achievement.

The Opel Cascade Cabriolet will be coming in 4.7 meters, which means that the ride will be longer than the convertible type from the 3 Series from BMW and the A5 Cabriolet from Audi. The style seems to be based from the Astra convertible type with its wagon style. The car seems to be coming with 5 door arrangements, if the news is true.

The Opel Cascade Cabriolet teased hasn’t shown any details of the new car, but the company has promised to show off the Cascada during the Paris International Auto Show. It is claimed to have new styles, technologies, as well as the latest updates. The front side as well as the rear side will be using new styling, it’s likely.

Opel launches new 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine

General Motors, through its Opel/Vauxhall division has confirmed that they will launch at least three new engines over the next 12 months. The first new of the family is a gasoline-burning 4-cylinder ECOTEC engine with precisely 1,598 cubic centimeters of displacement – a figure that equates to 97 cubic inches. The exhaust manifold of the engine is given a turbocharger to boost its power and performance.

As we expected, in the development phase, the engineers of Opel put a big emphasis on cutting carbon dioxide emissions and raising fuel economy but without sacrificing power. Better fuel economy of the engine is partly reached by fitting the engine with what calls as Spark Ignition Direct Injection (SIDI). Actually, the system has already applied in several other products from General Motors around the world, including the Cadillac SRX, the Chevrolet Equinox and the GMC Terrain. The carbon dioxide emissions are reduced significantly also because of the existence of start/stop system that will be given as standard equipment in all Opel’s future models.

However, specific fuel economy ratings were not announced, as they will vary greatly depends on what gearbox is bolted to the engine and what type of cat is it powering. Globally speaking, GM through their Opel division claims that the new engine will return at least 13% better fuel economy than the similarly-sized engine it will replace.

When the engine is introduced, the 1.6-liter will be found under the hood of several Vauxhall and Opel vehicles throughout Europe and it will be offered with different output of power. The range-topping variant will be able to produce at least 200 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque.

Opel/Vauxhall division also confirmed that the new 1.6-liter engine would be built in Szentgotthardt factory plant, Hungary. The production is set to start before the end of this year.