2016 Nissan kick concept Spec, Pictures

2016 Nissan kick concept

The new design of 2016 Nissan Kick concept is simple and yet marvelous and futuristic. The solid stance and the buff package are the main attraction of the ride, especially when it is paired up with the attractive metallic dark grey hue with a hint of orange. It is different, fresh, and refreshing, and very-very sleek.


The design has been revealed during Sao Paulo Auto Show event. As the company claims, they are making a compact crossover with futuristic design, line, and appearance to deal with future demand. As for the unique colors, the company claims that the surrounding environment from the time of creation inspired them deeply. They decided to capture the grey tone from Sao Paulo setting and the bright hue close to their studio. For them, the color combination is truly unique Brazilian.


For 2016 Nissan Kick specs, you can see that this ride comes with bigger grille with V shape model, which is bigger than the one in X-Trail or Qashqai. The sleek floating roof with the boomerang headlights, along with the stylish shoulder line are the additional attractive points for the ride. if you see closely, you will see that it is almost the same as the design incorporated by Murano.


So far Nissan hasn’t mentioned anything about the 2016 Nissan Kick price, but it should be available soon enough – we just have to wait and see.



2016 Nissan kick concept Front Side

The new design of 2016 Nissan Kick concept

2016 Nissan kick concept rare side

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2015 Nissan Murano Release Date – 16 April 2014

Nissan has planned to launch their Murano variant, that is believed to boosts sales with the great and stylish design – not too much nor too less – and also reliable performance and nice speed. That’s why they have had their 2015 Nissan Murano teased just recently.

 2015 Nissan Murano Teased

Nissan released the teaser video and image of the ride, which they have planned to introduce during the international New York Motor Show 2014 taking place on the 16th of April. Well, at least that’s what the company says about the official 2015 Nissan Murano release date. The company, unfortunately, only teased the image of the headlights, not the full design of the ride. It seems that they are truly going to keep it a secret until the big day.

Based on the teaser, there are some things that we can conclude about 2015 Nissan Murano specs.  First of all, the ride will be coming with integrated LED daytime light and also headlight. It is supposed to run on V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity that is delivering 260 hp of power. It is also likely that the ride will be coming with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox and all wheel driving system – possibly.  We’ll have more info when the Nissan finally makes official announcement.

2014 Nissan Concept Car – 2014 Detroit Autoshow

2014 Nissan Concept Car

Nissan has planned to release the 2014 Nissan concept car during the Nissan’s 2014 Detroit Auto Show concept, but in order to keep the sparks and interest alive, they showed some of the new concepts of the ride during the Los Angeles’ media event. The company seems to be very sure about their new products. They even claim that this new ride has very strong and touch signature style in design with unique future design from Nissan for better direction.

From the images, the 2014 Nissan concept car seems to be sleek and smooth. With evolutionary designs shown on the taillamps and front side fascia, the ride looks great and stylish. The rear side lamps are sleeker, even better from the Sentra has, with better and improved grille design from the Rogue model. It seems that the newest Nissan ride will be based on the Maxima, but somehow better and stronger. The company also confirms that they are developing the Maxima and probably will produce it for the 2015 model.  it is unclear, however, when the company will release the teaser, but it seems that they will do it soon enough.  We just have to wait and see whether they will be producing the ride.

2014 Nissan X-Patrol SUV

2014 Nissan X-Patrol SUV

Nissan has been planning to release their own SUV version that is claimed to be useful and functional, unlike other fancy and exclusive SUVs that don’t have the right quality – or so they claim. That’s why the company has been planning to launch their Nissan X-Patrol SUV that is tough, manly, and also boxy. From the design and the outer appearance, it seems that the ride is serious and won’t deal with nonsense matters.

 If you are looking at the 2014 Nissan X-Patrol SUV pictures, you will see that the company means business. The rugged and tough body style will remain timeless and aggressive throughout the time. not to mention that this SUV will be able to handle difficult terrains in such an ease.

 It is predicted that the 2014 Nissan X-Patrol SUV will attract true hardcore SUV enthusiasts that pay detailed attention to the rugged and tough form, as well as the offroad abilities. The company admits that the design may seem a bit extreme when compared to other SUVs, but that’s the concept they are looking for. However, lots of people think that this concept is too futuristic to be made into production, but it will be nice if the SUV can be made into reality.