Mazda Ambitious Plan for their CX-5 2.5 L Variant – Indonesia

Mazda seems to be very proud and passionate about their new production of the CX-5 that they have quite ambitious plan for the ride. Mazda aims to sell 400 CX-5 2.5 L per month, which is quite an ambitious and also promising prospect.

 This plan has been set up by the Mazda Motor Indonesia with their monthly basis planning. They are quite sure that this new model will attract auto enthusiasts and fans since the ride has been equipped with all the latest technology and features. They even mention that this new model has been developed and has got loads of new features that will deliver more advantages to owners, when compared to the previous model. One among the latest developments will be about bigger engine capacity and power. The company is also sure that this new model is going to attract more customers from other segments, which mean that they can get broader and wider potential buyers.

 This year alone – from January to May, Mazda has been able to sell about 1.492 units of the CX-5 2 L model. so they are quite positive with the prospect of the new 2.5 L one. after all, this new model will be coming with Grand Touring and Touring variants which will be sold for about IDR 431 million and IDR 412 million.

2013 Mazda VX-1 – Indonesia


The new 2013 Mazda VX-1 may seem like a new variant but it is actually the re-badge model from the Ertiga variant from Suzuki. And now the ride will be launched and introduced to the auto market in Indonesia as another MPV that is user friendly and also affordable.


It is confirmed that the 2013 Mazda VX-1 will be introduced during the Tumplek Blek important event that is going to be held at Senayan City in Jakarta. The event will take place around the middle of May, but details about the event are still being discussed and talked about with different parties. This ride is the join forces result of Mazda and Suzuki, and is expected to compete against Xenia from Daihatsu and Avanza from Toyota. Too bad, the company’s officials are reluctant to make comments about the release of the ride or about the detailed specs of it.


Rumor has it that the 2013 Mazda VX-1 will be coming with two different variants – the standard and the V. The production will take place at Suzuki Indonesia manufacturing factory in Tambun – around West Java. It is expected that the production will reach 3,500 units. The price for this ride is around IDR 200 million or about $20,500.

Ertiga with Mazda VX-1 Emblem for Indonesian Market

Mazda VX-1

It seems that Suzuki Ertiga for Indonesian auto market will have a ‘twin’ product of Mazda VX-1.  Rumor has it that the new model with Mazda emblem will be just similar to the Ertiga, since it will be based on the Ertiga’s platform.

The news was released by online media in India, the which claims that they get the information from their reader in Indonesia, named Rakhmat Widya Pratama, who even provided pictures and images of Ertiga’s model with Mazda emblem. In the pictures, the car is being assembled and produced.

There are no significant differences between the previous Ertiga model with the so called new production of this Mazda VX-1. From the pictures, the interior cabin and also the exterior look will be just the same. However, there is no official release concerning the engine specs and features. It is predicted, nevertheless, that the engine will come with the specs as the Ertiga.

According to plans, the new Mazda will be assembled at PT. SIS (Suzuki Indomobil Sales) for Indonesian market. the changes of emblem for Suzuki products in Indonesia isn’t a new thing. It is quite common that MPV models from Suzuki to change emblems like the Mitsubishi Maven or the Suzuki APV.


Mazda6 SKYACTIV D Racecar

Mazda6 SKYACTIV D Racecar

Mazda has been planning to release their own specific racecar with Skyactiv engine, but it seems that the company is finally able to pull it through now. The new Mazda6 Skyactiv D racecar is said to come with very strong and powerful features, especially for the engine arrangement. The company is finally using their new four cylinder diesel engine that they have prepared for all these years.

 This Mazda6 Skyactiv D racecar is finally been introduced to the public during Detroit Auto Show 2013, before the company will participate in the Rolex 24 2013 event that will take place on January the 26th. There will be about 3 cars participating in the GX Grand-Am class, where each team will be coming with 5 drivers. This special racecar from Mazda – which has been shown during the NAIAS event – will be coming with number 70, and will be sponsored by SpeedSource, long time partnership for Mazda.

 Although the company hasn’t released any official result for the specific numbers and powers of the race car, lots of people are sure that the ride will be promising and worthy, especially since it is using special technology developed by Mazda and tuned by SpeedSource. Well, let’s wait for further update from the company.