Lotus Evora GX Planning

 Lotus Evora GX

Lotus has been focusing on developing their own racing car, since they built the Endurance Type 124 Racer to participate in the 2009 event. At that time, they were building the car for GT FIA. After that, they have been trying to focus on their one GT4 Cup lines that are designed to be a one make model series. They have introduced the GTE Evora that is competing against the ALMS GT class,

The Lotus Evora GX is the new line that has been built from the GTC variant. In order to meet the needs and requirements of the Grand Am the GX variant is considered more lightweight because of the plexigass structure and the carbon fiber structure, although the GTE and the GX have the similar build and design. The GX variant also gets roll cage with thicker specs, new revised model for the bumper, and front side splitter, rear wing design, and yellow headlights. The previous traction control and ABS system have been removed because of the racing regulations.

The Lotus Evora GX is set around $335,000 and it’s made according to order. The Lotus Evora GX is expected to be available right around next year and hopefully, the performance will also be handy and promising.

2014 Lotus Insists Esprit

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The new Lotus model is definitely looking very sporty and very tough. Despite the new look of this current model, this 2014 Lotus Insists Esprit is still said to come with boring designs and styles, although the company is able to make high quality ride.

This new model is actually the realization of the previous auto planning where the company would supposedly to build five different car models simultaneously. The company planned to build Gran Tourere Elise, Esprit supercar, Eterne coupe with four door styling, Elan reborn ride, and also another replacement for the Elise. Of course, the first one that finally arrives is the Esprit supercar, which was actually built as the 2013 model.

It seems that another problem during the Lotus Insists Esprit manufacturing process. The rumor about Proton being bought by DRB-Hicom had made several months of delay to the overall project. That has made Dany Bahar, the CEO of the company, to state that the Esprit will debut around 2014.

Despite all the rumors and the existing problems, it seems that the company will keep on going with their Lotus Insists Esprit project. Right now, they have claimed that they’re ready to enter the testing period, so we’d better wait and see.

Lotus and Mansory will work together

Lotus and Mansory will work together

These days, collaboration and partnership between two or more automotive industry’s players have become a popular phenomenon. Among so many collaborations and partnerships, the latest is taken by British automaker, Lotus and Swiss tuner, Mansory. Both companies have signed a deal to work together to develop a number of Lotus’s future vehicles.

The details of the partnership are still a secret because both companies did not to open a word regarding to the report. However, it can be predicted that the deal will make Mansory becomes the official customizer of Lotus’ cars with the former working hand-in-hand to contribute and build trim, bodywork and special finishes for several of Lotus’ new models, including Elise, Exige and Evora.

Lotus’ Chief Technical Officer, Wolf Zimmerman, the partnership and collaboration between his company and Mansory tuning firm, was sealed to further bolster the profiles of both names, bringing opportunity to the Swiss tuner to create programs for the British brand, similar like what they have did last year at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show when they debuted a tuning project for the Evora.

Wolf Zimmerman said that Mansory is leader in its field, and having worked closely with his company one the Evora GTE and the special editions they have recently unveiled. He also added that his company wishes to take the partnership to an official level. He feels optimistic that the partnership between his company and Mansory will be able to produce outstanding sports cars like what expected by customers.

The first tuning program under the new partnership will be showcased at the Paris Auto Show this September 2012. There, we will able to see closely how the partnership between two famous automotive industry players produces amazing cars. Some analysts believed that the collaboration between Lotus and Mansory will be able to help Lotus to grow in the middle of crisis they faced today.

Lotus new car development stopped for a moment

We can say that Lotus is not including a giant in automotive industry even they have produced some great sports cars to the market. However, even the scale of their production and market are not as big as other British brands, but Lotus has planned something big for the future. At least, five new models or revised model lines will be launched to the market by Lotus, and Evora GTE and Exiges S, which are Lotus short term projects are not included on the count.

Unfortunately, EVO Sports reported that the development of those vehicles will be put on hold for a temporary “lockdown” period. Maybe, the policy is taken following the sale of Malaysian government of its controlling stake in Proton, which is Lotus’ parent company, to industrial conglomerate from Malaysian DRB-Hicom. The Malaysian government regulations require a 60-day lockdown period and anything outside normal business activities must be ceased for a while.

Even if the lockdown period is over, there is no guarantee that the DRB-Hicom will sign off on future product plans that have been listed by Lotus before. Some media reported that Danny Bahar, the CEO of Lotus, is in a very serious talk with DRB-Hicom. We can predict that he wants to try to ask the future stakeholder to keep the Lotus’ future plans.

Mr. Danny Bahar admitted that this is the hardest month for his company. From his statement in media, we know that he could give any guarantee if the plan has been listed before the lockdown would be continued by the new owner.

However, for most auto enthusiasts, the future plans must be continued because when it runs under Malaysian government, Lotus has made a very significant jump and able to bring back the glory of the British brand.