2013 Lexus LS by Wald International

2013 Lexus LS by Wald International

Lexus LS is already good looking and stylish in nature, but when the Walk International comes within the view and starts to get involved in the process of ‘pimping’ out the ride, the overall look of LS is certainly upgraded. You can see the example from the 2013 Lexus LS y Wald International.

Wald International itself is a Japanese tuner that has been involved in changing the styles of so many famous auto rides in the world. When they decided to change the look of the 2013 Lexus LS, you certainly expect the result to be amazing and smashing. After all, the company itself has been known for its reputation and the car itself has been known for its overall performance and power. The new styles will be shown and introduced to the public during Tokyo Auto Salon 2013, which is almost similar to the SEMA event, only taken place in Japan.

If you see the whole package of change, the style itself will be different from the previous one. the new LS will be lower and they will have bigger and wider wheels. The body kit will come with low slung look, with addition of apron bolt on front side bumper.

2013 Lexus RC350 Trademarked

2013 Lexus RC350 Trademarked

Lexus has shown off their LF-CC concept and it is possible that they are now filing a trademark request for the so called RC 350. It is very likely that the Lexus RC350 trademarked will be the production version of the LF-CC.

Rumor has it that the LF-CC model is the basic inspiration for the coupe variant of the IS-F, but it seems that they Japanese manufacturer will be making different variant or model now that the news about the 2013 Lexus RC350 trademarked has been around. The RC 350 is expected to come with V6 engine of 3.5 liter capacity – because of the 350 on the name – while the C is probably related to the Coupe model. Everything is still rumor and expectation – nothing concrete this far.

Up until now, there is no official confirmation concerning the RC 350, but just to be clear, the LF-CC model has been shown off in several auto events, including in the Paris Auto Show 2012 (Paris) and also SEMA Auto Show 2012 (Las Vegas). The ride is considered very powerful and also very stylish. For the concept, the ride is using gasoline four cyinder engine with 2.5 liter capacity and also electric motor.

2013 Five Axis Lexus LS F Sport

Five Axis Lexus LS F Sport

Lexus seems to be imitating Toyota’s step in making sportier version of their variant in order to reduce the average age of their buyers up to 10 years. Now, Lexus is introducing their sport line at Five Axis, so let’s see what Five Axis Lexus LS F Sport has to offer.

 The Five Axis Lexus LS F Sport is made popular because of their unique design and also the intricate patterns and styles for the body kit. The front side bumper has gaping style with big fender vent behind the front side wheels. There is also spoiler with trunk mounted system and low diffuser style on the back. This ride is running on the AirRunner Air Suspension TC-5 System with tires from Yokohama Advan Sport and 22-inches of rim. Since there is no mentioning about the engine or the power specifications, it seems that the ride is running on the V8 engine with 4.6 liter capacity, delivering about 386 hp of power. Read the rest of this entry »

2013 Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept

Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept Frontside

When Detroit Motor Show 2012 was held, Lexus has made quite impressive introduction of their LF-LC concept vehicle. It was even considered as one of the best debut with a car so impressive, so stylish, and so functional to use. probably because of those factors, Lexus is trying to prolong their success by introducing the second version for their Lexus LF-LC Blue concept.

The reason why this 2013 Lexus LF-LC Blue concept has its name is because of the marvelous exterior cover paint. It is called as the Blue Opal which is a natural stone found on the outback of Australia. But the color isn’t the only one responsible for such marvelous look. This variant within the Hybrid Drive from Lexus will be coming with high capacity of battery pack and also carbon fiber material for the overall structure. Read the rest of this entry »