2012 Lancia Thema

Lancia and Chrysler are working together in order to bring new kinds of ride and vehicle that will deliver the best performance as well as stylish design and model. The cooperation has resulted in two ride models of Voyager and also Thema. And now the 2012 Lancia Thema is already available for auto enthusiasts who want to have good ride with good style.

2012 Lancia Thema interior

The 2012 Lancia Thema is designed with the combination of American good looking exterior appearance with the exclusive and luxury feel of Italian taste. The big and wide car is combined with the high end luxury and comfort will bring new meaning to comfy ride and good looking vehicle. Set up as flagship model, the Thema is equipped with leather luxury interior from Poltrona Frau that will provide the best comfort and also luxury for the ride. The Thema’s basic form is taken and adapted from the Chrysler 300 model. Although the car may be bigger than other sedan model in its class, the car is guaranteed to provide the best performance ever. With very quiet and soothing sound and easy to handle operation, everyone will be glad to have such ride within their hands. Big body structure doesn’t always mean menacing and scary. The car has soft tender heart that offers arm and homey feeling for the interior side.

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2012 Lancia Voyager Specs, Review, Pictures

2012 lancia voyager

The Lancia Voyager exudes the air of confidence, style, and also comfort. When people are using this type of ride, they won’t only experience the regular travel of leaving and arriving into a place, but the overall and thorough experience of traveling comfort and convenience. The 2012 Lancia Voyager is truly a work of art, with side effects of addictive comfort.

2012 Lancia Voyager Exterior

From the outer appearance only, the ride is looking truly amazing with Lancia logo on the grille. Along with cluster of LED technology rear lights, wrap around model on the front side and also built in big head lamps and also fog lights, the car is truly magnificent and good looking. The overall body structure is featuring slim pillars and wheel arch model design, cross bar and rails on the roof top. The ride is able to accommodate about seven passengers, along with the capability of cargo hauling.

2012 Lancia Voyager Interior

2012 Lancia Voyager Interior

The interior cabin is spacious and roomy, with very comfortable addition and good interior facilities. There will be electrical control on the seating arrangement that will make users able to adjust whatever sitting position they want to have. The back side of the seats is also equipped with arm rests and also head rests that will be certainly beneficial for the passengers. 2012 Lancia Voyager is available with high tech features such as climate controlling system, suspension model with redesigned technology, and also Uconnect technology. It’s a special hub that provides entertainment and information for all the passengers. With Uconnect, passengers can enjoy the navigation system, Internet and phone connection, and also multimedia technology.

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