Fergie’s Hummer H2 Sits on 24-Inch Wheels

The most beautiful personnel of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie has a very interesting ride, which is a Hummer H2. One of the most interesting parts of her Hummer is its drop-down side steps. She wrote her name there, showing to the public that the Humvee belongs to her. The Hummer looks fabulous even there are no major customization because Fergie puts 24 inches chrome and black Asanti wheels covered by Pirelli Tires. Maybe, the vehicle is not too special but the wheels are and the signature is great.

British luxury car manufacturer – Hummer Eternity

Hummer Logo

British luxury car manufacturer, Eternity Motors will certainly bring the latest models in the class Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) at the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September. Eternity finally released an official photo SUV called Hummer. In 2006, the GM has developed a version of the Hummer H3 is very much different from previous versions of the H1 and H2, which has a smaller body and performed in the style of the SUV, Indonesia in Indonesia itself Vehicles Hummer H3 General importers started to walk in 2008 year. Of all ever created models H3 model models the most in demand at 74 percent, to reap sales of all types of vehicles Hummer Eternity just throw one of Hummer photo above so that it appears the entire car is not yet clear. Aura Even so sporty and elegant emitted though viewed from above. Sporty impression can be seen clearly on the design of the hood. There are three visible lines and tapered indentation which has a function to improve the aerodynamics of this car. Hummer side appears slim despite the front and rear fenders seem gambits. But with this design hummer car looks sexy if we looked form the top.


This car is intended to go into production next year. Unfortunately, not Eternity provide a complete specification of Hummer. Hummer Eternity the development of the team led by Alastair Mac Queen, who ever is responsible for the development of the supercar Jaguar XJ220 and Championship races in Le Mans 24 hours with Jaguar and Bentley. Eternity is also hooking the former pilot of F1, Johnny Herbert in the development of this model, as well as the Hummer brand ambassadors. SUV with full drive 4 × 4 with powerful new technology is used for all fields, including floods, are frequently found in Jakarta. This machine is also suitable for use in the city for daily activities and for its efficiency and effectiveness of self-identification. In addition, prices are much cheaper than the H2 Hammer Eternity price range 3 billion.