2015 Honda FCEV Concept Next-Gen Release At Jepang

2015 Honda FCEV Concept Next-Gen

Honda seems to make a breakthrough with their new production, the 2015 Honda FCEV Concept Next-Gen. after several years focusing on electric cars, Honda seems to do a little tweaking. After all, the existence and creation of such rides, like Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla S model have proven that it is possible to create such ride. Well, Honda wants to deliver something new by having cell powered hydrogen fuel technology, and they come with the FCEV concept.

This 2015 Honda FCEV Concept Next-Gen is using new arrangement where the fuel cell system powertrain is moved within the engine bay. Of course they also have to change the design, which ends up creating additional room and space for the passengers. Because such arrangement is possible, it opens up chances to implement the system and technology to other segments for future reference. With the FCEV concept, the fuel cell may be smaller and stacked within the engine compartment, but it produces and delivers more electricity, so the car’s driving range and efficiency can be increased. Read the rest of this entry »

2013 Honda UNI CUB Concept Pictures

 2013 Honda UNI CUB Concept

Honda has decided that they are going to produce a personal and individual mobility device that isn’t only functional but also stylish – if it can’t be said to be very unique and one of a kind in design. For the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show 2013, they have prepared the so called 2013 Honda UNI CUB concept that is claimed to be a handy item for your transportation means.


If you see the 2013 Honda UNI CUB concept pictures – as Honda built two prototypes they call as Penguins – you can see that such device is meant to be a vehicle, but it is meant to be used by single person only, so Honda decided that they should call it a device instead of a vehicle. The device comes with omni-directional and unique driving wheel system based on ASIMO feature. Basically the device should be steered by the weight of your body. To make it go faster, you just have to lean forward. If you want to slow down, you only need to lean backwards – that’s the basic of it.

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2014 Honda Civic Tourer

2014 Honda Civic Tourer

Frankfurt international Auto Show is usually the event to introduce new auto production, but it seems that Honda is very enthusiastic about their new 2014 Honda Civic Tourer that they have released some of the pictures, ahead of its introductory time during Frankfurt event.

 The design has been introduced very early within this year and based on the 2014 Honda Civic Tourer details and pictures, you can see some of the familiar aspects from the concept. You will see the similar daytime LED lights, with its angular headlights and the front side fascia. Even the taillights with wrap-around model and the bulgy fenders are also similar. The interior cabin may seem simple, but somehow it exudes style, exclusivity, and also luxury. It is quite spacious and roomy, so you can expect more from the ride.  Besides the roomy space, it also comes equipped with the Magic Seat on the rear sidethat can be folded within such easy implementation.

 The 2014 Honda Civic Tourer release date is planned around next year – very early in the following year – especially for the auto market in Europe and UK. The ride will be running on the i-DTEC engine with 1.6 liter capacity that is delivering 88 kW or 120 hp of power. The one with i-VTEC engine with 1.8 liter capacity will deliver 104 kW or 142 hp of power.

2014 Honda Civic Tourer

2014 Honda M Concept

2014 Honda M Concept

Honda is determined to create a reliable SUV that isn’t only good to carry passengers, but also stylish in design and powerful in performance. That’s why they are introducing the new design for the 2014 Honda M concept during the Shanghai 2013 Auto Show.

 This new ride is designed and developed for the Chinese auto market by special team from Honda R&D of the Automobile Center in Japan. There is something unique and attractive about this ride. The 2014 Honda M concept comes with radical design that combines spacious interior cabin, comfortable setting, good power, and also stylish design. The company also claims that this ride is fun to ride because of its nice and easy handle and control.

 Although there is no official news or confirmation about the further future of this 2014 Honda M concept, the company has made sure that they are doing mass production work to create this model and they have made quite significant development doing so. They are hoping to release the actual product and variant next year, but it is possible that they are going to make some changes and modifications for the actual model.

 Another question arises: will Honda be producing such kind of design for the American auto market?