Hamann’s Range Rover Evoque is ready for Geneva

We know that Geneva Auto Show is not only arena for big companies and manufacturers but also for tuner companies, especially they who come from Europe. There will be lots of tuning company join the one of the biggest auto events in the world, one of them is Hamann Motorsport that has been so popular because of their capability in tuning premium car brands.

German car tuning company, Hamann Motorsport is ready to shock Geneva at the 82nd Geneva Auto Show with their latest customized car, the Range Rover Evoque. Their rendition of the British SUV has been decorated from front to rear with a very comprehensive tuning project, which has become Hamann specialization.

For the Range Rover Evoque’s exterior, the tuning company given then luxury SUV with a gallant aerodynamic package, including side wing extensions, a two-part spoiler, side sill sets that have the body of the Evoque widened, 22-inch wheels to go with a 22-inch wheel which was currently being offered in either the Anniversary Evo and Anniversary Evo Black Line.

For the interior, the German tuning company gives customers a great chance to customize the Evoque interior, complete with personalized floor mats, customized trim options and leather upholstery.

Another special customization had been done by Hamann is on the Range Rover Evoque’s engine section. For this sensitive area, Hamann have made a very impressive program. At least, three customizations could be found on it, including a new exhaust pipe, a remapped ECU unit and a new sport-tuned air filter.

By customizing the engine sections, the German company is able to provide a very significant improvement on all three engine options of the British luxury SUV. The Evoque TD4 2.2-liter engine version gets an additional power up to 31 horsepower from 148 HP to 179 HP. The Evoque ED4 2.2-liter version gets the same additional sum from 187 HP to 218 HP. And the last, which is the most powerful Evoque’s engine, Si4 2.2-liter, boosts its power from 240 HP to 278 HP.

2012 Hamann Range Rover 5.0i V8 Supercharged

When the 2012 Hamann Range Rover 5.0i V8 Supercharged was created, the manufacturer has decided to make this one particular ride as a powerful vehicle. Don’t be easily deceived by the outer simple appearance. The ride may look as a regular SUV model, but the overall performance will be able to pass the powerful sport car or crossover styles. The specialist auto tuner from Germany, the Hamann, has been dealing in this subject for years, so they know what to do and they do how to achieve their goals.

Of course, the great performance of the Hamann Range Rover 5.0i V8 Supercharged comes with a bit scarification in the off road abilities. The tuner decrease the ability a little bit in order to increase the Tarmac power. The car is running on V8 supercharged engine of 5.0 liter capacity that is able to produce 530 hp, especially since it has received ECU remapping system and also sporty exhaust system. According to the company, customers has the flexibility to choose the 90mm quad pipes and the 120mm double pipes. Read the rest of this entry »

Hamann Victory II 2010 Specs, News, Pictures

Hamann Victory II 2010 already introduced the super sport car Victory supported the beginning Lamborghini Gallardo. With the latest Gallardo LP560-4, now also the new Hamann Victory II is brought out. The car body converts broader and the Hamman engine performance as well as the quantity of carbon parts is significantly increased.


And what is the most crucial part of a Lamborghini? Right, it’s the wing doors. And nobody truly knows why the Gallardo isn’t equipped with them straight away. Hamann provides these for the Victory 2. Additionally, they offer an entire refinement of the original body design which begins with a new front apron in Race-design with a centre carbon part. With new fenders in the front and fender extensions in the back, the Hamann Victory II renders an even more remarkable appearance. Also, the extended side skirts and the air inlet on the roof – available in carbon as well – confirm this impression. The back of the car is enhanced by a diffuser and a newly designed rear wing which pushes the car onto the road at high speeds. Hamann offers the rear wing either in fibre glass or the ultra light and persistent carbon. On top of that, a carbon layer can be applied to the bonnet. Read the rest of this entry »