The New MOJO and JO-MOJO from Dartz



Have you ever heard about Dartz? Have you ever seen the production? Well, not many people may be familiar with the manufacturer’s name or their production but in Russia, they get quite good name. The Russian based auto company which has produced special Kombat SUV with quite good result is now preparing and designing new ride with quite unique and uncommon design. The ride is expected to come in two seats model that  is hoped won’t be only cute but also handy and has good performance.

The company is preparing two models designs so everyone can expect the new model production to be certainly unique and a bit ‘strange’. The company has released their first pictures of the car. The car is said to be the re-interpretation of previous project from the company with the glassy top side which will slide to the back side so the driver and the one passenger can access to the interior cabin.

The car will be running on gasoline engine that will boost out the car’s performance. It won’t only look good but also feel nice. However, they will also develop the electric line, so users have optional styles of which care they prefer to use. With the name of Dartz’s new MOJO and JO-MOJO, both cars look stunning. The JO-MOJO will probably use solar power technology as well.