2014 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

2014 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

The popularity of SUV may have replaced the MPV, but it doesn’t mean that everyone likes all kinds of SUV. There are loads of auto enthusiasts that are still in love with the MPV, despite the reduced reputation. That’s why Citroen is quite optimistic when they release the 2014 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. After all, who can say no to modern MPV that is looking very cool and also French?

 The company has finally released and undisguised their new production of the 2014 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. They are also ready to show it off, because they have something new to offer. For this new ride, there will be two additional seats on the back. Despite the readiness to show off their production, there is no further news or confirmation – especially concerning the specs and the features – from the company.

 This 2014 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso is planned to be introduced to the public during Frankfurt international Auto Show later in September. It seems that there are no big modifications or changes about the design. The front side as well as the back side is looking the same, although the grille on the lower part is a bit different. for the interior cabin, the ride will be coming with better entertainment system, with phone connection, dual zone AC, better nav system, and many more.

Citroen DS3 ‎at WRC Finland

Citroen DS3 ‎

The rally competition in Finland, the WRC Finland, will definitely looking promising and attractive with the joining of Chris Atkinson and also Molly Taylor. Atkinson is one of the most well known world’s driver after he managed to tackle the racing competition in 2009, while Taylor is a promising new driver that has shown good management and skill. Both of them will be joining the Citroen DS3 event that will take place around August 2012 – to be exact from the 1st of August to the 4th.

Atkinson is definitely not a new player in this field since he managed to deal with C4 World Rally Championship Ireland in 2009. He will be replacing Nasser Al Attiyah, the regular driver from the Qatar Team because Attiyah will be joining the shooting team at London Olympics event. Taylor, on the other hand, will be joining the United Italian Business Team for this Citroen DS3 event, but they won’t be competing face to face since both of them will be using different cars. Atkinson will be driving the same car as Sebastian Loeb, who has the World Champion title for eight times. Taylor will be using the R3T Citroen. Everything seems to be exciting and promising, so let’s hope the real battle will be as attractive too.

Citroen to produce DS-badged SUV Concept

French based automobile manufacturer, Citroen, is in the process of expanding their premium DS sub-brand. Some automotive media in France, the company is preparing to launch a convertible version of the popular DS3 to the market at the end of this year. Then, it will be continued with a sub-DS3 model next year and a production version of the Citroen DS9 Concept as the last one.

A report coming from Italian media mentions that the Citroen DS lineup will get yet another model after the Citroen DS9 concept had been introduced. They say that the French automaker is in the early stages of designing the first SUV of the DS sub-brand. However, there is no clear information about the name of the car. Media only reports that the car will be based on the platform of the Citroen C4 Aircross that has been shown to the public for the first time at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, a couple months ago. You have to know that the Citroen C4 Aircross is almost identical to the 4008 belongs to Peugeot and both of them are based on the sameplatform, which is Mitsubishi ASX.

Citroen to produce DS-badged SUV Concept
In order to keep it apart from the SUVs that it will share most of the DNA with, the Citroen DS-badged SUV Concept will bring a style of its own that will heavily use styling cues from other DS lineup members.The interior section will alsosignificantly different that the one we found on the C4 Aircross. Some analysts believed that it would be better finished and better equipped. The DS treatment will just be skin-deep. Beyond that, the DS-badged SUV will share the same running gear with the Peugeot- and Citroen-badged versions, which means that under its hood, we will be able to see a 4-cylinder turbodiesel and gas engines. The power from the engine will be delivered to the front wheels as standardbut Citroen will give also optional AWD by asking additional sum.

Citroen teases a new DS-lineup member

The 82nd edition of the international Geneva Motor Show had been officially closed yesterday but it seems that automakers around the worlds do not take a break; they directly start to think about the future. One of the automakers that have directly teased their next concept is Citroen. After their mission at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show is done, the French automaker teases dark image of their next sedan model. Like other premium models in their lineup, the car will wear a DS badge on its hood.

The teased image from Citroen shows us that the next sedan will appear bigger, sleeker and lower than the Metropolis Concept that was brought to 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Some details of the concept, such as the front end, have been redesigned.

Unfortunately, the teased image of the Citroen’s next sedan does not show the design of the back end because it is blacked out. Big chance, the French automaker is preparing for a surprise. By covering the rear end, the company will be able to make it different, based on their favor and market trend. Some analysts predict that this could be that open in a suicide fashion like the one we have ever seen on Citroen Metropolis Concept. However, there is also chance that the rear end will appear as a shooting-brake style wagon.

Citroen still does not want to announce when the new car will make debut. Some media reported that the car is prepared especially for Asian market, so Beijing Auto Show will be the arena for the car to make debut. Even the debut of the car is in Beijing but some parties believed that the production version would use Paris Auto Show next fall. There are also predictions that when the new member of the DS lineup arrives, Citroen will start to stop the production of slow-selling C6.