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2014 Formula 1 Rules and Regulations Explained


Formula 1 has been known as this prestigious and exclusive event that all auto enthusiasts always wait for. This annual event always takes place in exclusive places with exclusive participants. It is only logical if there are regulations to obey in fact, new rules are often designed and created after several conditions had happened. Despite that everyone has deep interest in this event, not everyone is familiar with the set of regulations, especially for the new 2014 Formula 1 rules set up by FIA. Of course, the 2014 formula 1 regulations are created for both the F1 drivers as well as the teams. (more…)

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What Judges Look For at Car Shows

Have you ever wondered exactly what the judge’s at car shows are looking at?  Many people wonder and yet not everyone is always fully aware of what they are looking for.  Of course there are different categories have different criteria about what is expected for each car.  You are never going to please all of the judges, but if you know what they may be looking for, you can certainly help increase your chances of coming out well in the car show. (more…)

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