Having Special Custom Seat Cover

When people want to make sure that their cars will look stylish and different from the others, they will do everything they can to change and make the outer as well as the interior appearance look different. Changing the outer appearance of the car is fairly easy because it mainly deals with body kits, paint job, paint brush service, and other accessories. However, most people tend to forget their interior cabin as they’re too much focused on the outer appearance only. If they want to have complete changes and modifications, they should be thorough and complete. If they are really committed to change their ride’s outer look seem different from the others, they should also do the same to their interior cabin.

Having Special Custom Seat Cover

One of the most important things in changing the whole cabin structure is through the seat and its cover. People don’t realize it but they can really enhance their car’s interior look and appearance by having the cover made different. With neoprene seat covers, they can reach their goal perfectly. They can even make custom work, if they want to. They can basically decorate their seats with their favorite colors, designs, characters, and even their auto brands’ logos and symbols.

The Best Hawaiian print car seat covers – Recommended

A Set of 15-piece Red Hawaiian Floral Aloha Print with Hibiscus Flowers Auto Interior Gift Set – 2 Hawaii Aloha Low Back Front Bucket Seat Covers, 2 Hawaii Aloha Separate Headrest Covers, 2-piece Hawaii Aloha Bench Covers, 1 Hawaii Aloha Steering Wheel Cover, 2 Hawaii Aloha Shoulder Pads and 4 Hawaii Aloha Carpet Floor Mats for Cars / Truck Reviews

Hawaiian print car seat covers Product Features

  • Bright fun anti-fading coloring design
  • 2 Front floor mats and 2 rear floor mats.
    • Protects against spill, stains, dirt and any debris
    • Made from polyester with urethane foam backing
  • Design to fit low back bucket seats

Tropical fun Hawaiian Aloha floral print seat covers are made from polyester to fit both low back and high back seats. Polyester promotes a refreshing feel to the touch. It will not stick to your skin and does not absorb heat or cold. It provides a more comfortable feel in both hot and cold environment. These seat covers are lined with urethane foam to provide additional cushion for comfort. It increases the value of your vehicle by protecting your seats from fading, wear and tear.

List Price: $ 92.78

Buy it Now >> Price: $ 49.9

Car Seat Covers Reviews

By Marynell Wallace “shopper” (South Carolina)

This is even more wild than the picture leads you to believe. I bought this when I had to take the old car when my husband got the new one. His comment was “you really don’t want me driving this”, but people stop me in parking lots to comment how they like it. It brightened up my 10 year old car

By Oak

very good deal for the price! seat covers fit good, head rest covers fit good and mats and steering wheel cover is great! the seat belt pads also add to the overall effect…. can’t go wrong!!!!

By  turtle

The product arrived quickly. I am very pleased with the products, could not get any better especially for the price.

Toyota Prius v review

Toyota Prius v reviewPrius v is a new model variant of the Toyota Prius, unveiled at this year’s Detroit auto show.

It comes as a hybrid MPV-style car, adopting the similar platform as applied on the previous Prius hatchback.

But it is more flexible and spacious inside, therefore suitable to be used by active families.

Compared with its sister model, interior cargo offered by the Prius v is 50% or even more larger.

Its design is not merely an elongation of the current car, but it has an evolutionary shape.

The seats are fitted on high position, for delivering good visibility and comfort.

The hatch can be opened widely, allowing convenient loading. And behind the rear seats, there is a load-space of 970 liters.

The second line seats feature slide adjustment, and can be leaned in a nearly flat position.

And overall flexibility of the interior is completed by the 60:40 split-folding function.

Fuel economy rating of the Prius v is expected by Toyota to be the best among any estate, SUV, or crossover on US market.


Saab 9-3 is updated

Saab 9-3 is updatedSaab 9-3 has been refreshed with new appearance and a choice of new engines.

For the engines, the 2012 Model Year 9-3 now uses variable valve timing and direct injection for improving fuel consumption and boosting power.

SportWagen diesel engines with variety of 180, 160, and 130 hp are on offer. All of them emit CO2 of 119g/km.

While the petrol engines are rated at 220 hp and 163 hp, with enhancement in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption up to 4 percent.

On the outside, Saab has equipped the 9-3 with re-profiled front bumpers.

Another notable part is a more distinguished grille featuring central bar in wing shape and a new spoiler mounted on the boot.

The Aero and SE specs are offered with optional new wheel designs of 18- and 17-inch. And front fog lamps comes as standard feature.

Titanium trim with metallic-effect on the doors, gearshift, glove box, and instrument panel characterize the interior. The Aero model is characterized with leather sports seats and graphite fiber-effect on the above.