Automobiles-Toxic Exposure Risk

If you are deeply inhaling that new car smell and wishing it would last forever, you should instead be rolling down your windows to allow the poisonous fumes to escape. What you are actually smelling is indoor air pollution from the chemicals used to make your car interior look as great as it does. Add heat and ultraviolet rays and the effect becomes even more toxic by releasing larger amounts of the chemicals that can cause birth defects, premature births, learning disabilities, liver toxicity and cancer.

Some of the hazardous chemicals that going into making your interior are bromine which is found in the carpet, front seat, arm rests and seat console. Antimony is found in the headliner, seats and arm rests. Lead is used in the carpet, door trim, and front seat. PVC’s are used in just about every plastic product. This is troubling when you realize how much time is spent inside your car going to work, running errands, or for pleasure trips. Read the rest of this entry »

Renting Luxurious Cars – Luxury car rentals Atlanta

Why luxury car rentals Atlanta ?

Lots of people don’t like the idea of having a car because they don’t like the additional cost in taking care and maintaining their cars. If they ever need a ride, they can always rent a car since rental car services are available almost anywhere. Sometimes people who already have cars prefer renting a car rather than driving their own cars, especially if they have to go on far away trip.

luxury car rentals Atlanta

People who live in Atlanta can always make use of luxury car rentals Atlanta to cater for their needs. Lots of people prefer having rental cars than having one car at home with the consideration that they can always make use of the rental service whenever they need to. If they have to go on business trips, they can always contact the luxury car rentals Atlanta to rent a luxurious car according to their needs. They won’t need to use their own cars to travel to far away places, so they can be free from any worries or concerns that they need to take care of their rides well. If people use luxury car rentals Atlanta, they can basically pick whatever car types they like and whatever car years they want. Some people even indulge in their deep wish of driving around luxurious cars. At least they get to feel what it feels like behind the wheels of luxurious cars without them having to buy one. It’s like having multiple benefits; they can ride the cars of their dreams and they won’t need to spend hefty money to buy the exclusive car.

There’re many luxurious car rental services available in Atlanta – and also in other towns or states. Keep in mind that the renting cost of these luxury car rentals Atlanta may be higher than the regular ones, but everything is worth the price.

Lexus is300 Exhaust and Problem

Exhaust system Information

Maybe people in general don’t really care about any exhaust system, but vehicle fans surely pay detailed attention on that. The exhaust system may look simple and “small” when compared to the overall look of a car, but it also play important role in making the whole car look complete. Believe it or not, the exhaust system can determine whether the car is sporty, tough, soft, or even feminine.

Lexus is300 Exhaust

 Why Lexus is300 Exhaust ?

The same thing also happens to Lexus is300 exhaust which is considered one of the best exhaust system ever invented. After all, it’s designed for Lexus, one of the best car brands in the world, known for its best features in environmentally safe characteristics. The Lexus is300 exhaust comes with great features such as:

  • Have sporty look
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Equipped with muffler and piping from stainless steel
  • Has titanium tip, along with limited badge and blue edge
  • Sound compliant with 95dB(A)

Lexus is300 Exhaust Problem

However, some users have reported about the Lexus is300 exhaust problem. When they put magnaflow exhaust, the car seems to lose power. According to experienced drivers, the Lexus car doesn’t “take” any aftermarket parts because the car thinks that those products are damaged goods. That’s why the car is acting up and doesn’t want to run well. They only “receive” original parts for the car. So, Choose the right Lexus is300 exhaust for your car….

Lexus is300 exhaust

Calculating Rear End Gear Ratios Manually

Rear End Gear Ratios Pictures

Not everyone knows how to calculate rear end gear ratios. Well, they need to find the ways if they want their car to run well and smoothly. If people know how to calculate and change the rear end gears ratio, they can alter the final driving ratio as well. They need to know exactly the total numbers of the ring teeth and the pinion gears. If they buy new set of pinion gears and ring, they’ll be provided with the rear end gear ratio. But if they buy used items, they need to do it manually. Well, they can surely do the calculation, especially if they consult rear end ratio calculator that is available for free. The ways to calculate the rear end gear ratio are:

  • They need to know the total numbers of the teeth that are located on the gear ring.
  • Then, they have to know the number of pinion gear’s teeth.
  • They need to divide the number of teeth on the gear ring with the teeth on the pinion gear. They’ll immediately get the ratio result.

It’s not very difficult to do, right? Even if these people aren’t provided with the ratio number, who says they can’t do it manually and easily?