Volvo to launch a new 5-cylinder turbodiesel engine

It is not a secret that if an automaker wants to reach success and earn huge sales in the European market, they must provide at least one diesel unit in their lineup. That strategy has been adapted by many car brands, including they who come from Asia, America or Europe. We know that one of the European badges, Volvo, has several types of diesel engines, but we also know that the options they provide are unable still to fill a gaping hole in their lineup between the 115 HP DRIVe entry-level unit and the 163 HP mid-range models.

Realizing the fact, Volvo has just confirmed that they will launch a new 5-cylinder turbodiesel unit 2.0-liter. According to the Swedish car badge, the engine will be good for 136 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The engine will emit between 114 and 119 g/km of carbon dioxide.

The five-banger will be provided as a Volvo’s entry-level on bigger cars belong to the Swedish automaker, including the S60, the V60, the V70 and the S80. The all-new diesel unit is specially designed to be mated with either automatic or manual transmission, and it can be fitted with the automatic start-stop system also.

D3 is given by Volvo as the name of the new diesel engine, which is a name that is already being used in the Swedish company’s lineup. Volvo also has confirmed that the current D3 will be renamed as the D4 and the current D4 will be renamed as the D5. Customers in Europe will be able to find and order Volvo’s new diesel engine starting this May when the Swedish company inaugurates their 2013 lineup. However, it is important to know that the Swedish automotive manufacturer does not have plans to bring the new diesel engine to other markets, including United States.

E-Cell powertrain on next SLS AMG?

Premium car-maker from Germany, Mercedes-Benz, has published some pictures of their new 526 horsepower electric engine that would be given to the upcoming SLS AMG E-Cell supercar.

We know that the current SLS AMG is powered by a V8 engine with 6.2 liters of capacity. The E-Cell drivetrain will replace the standard engine and it consists of four electric motors that have ability to rev up to 12.000 rpm (rotation per minute). According to the German automaker, their new electric engine is so powerful, which is why they will use it for the next SLS AMG. They claim that it will provide a massive 649 pound-feet of torque. The German company, cited by some media, also explained that each of the electric motors will be located next to a wheel and one transmission per axle will transmit the power that delivered by the engine.

The electric powertrain effectively provides the E-Cell a permanent all-wheel drive, including what called as an active torque vectoring system. With such ability, the SLS AMG that uses the powertrain will be able to run from standing start to 62 mph in just 4 seconds or less, which means that the SLS AMG will get 0.2 seconds of time reduction than the standard engine used today.

To support the electric motor, Mercedes-Benz puts 400-volt battery; according to the German company it is made up of 72 lithium-ion polymer cells. The battery is placed within the carbon transmission tunnel, which is structurally mounted into the aluminum body shell of the E-Cell.

Some rumors mentioned that the E-Cell technology will be applied in limited numbers by Mercedes-Benz on its next SLS AMG by 2013. However, they believed it will be hard to enter the U.S. market, especially if the car weighs against its low sales volume.

Airless Tire from Bridgestone [Video]

Bridgestone introduces airless tires

What if you don’t have to deal with fussy flat tore over and over anymore? All these people, people often have to struggle with their problem; whether it doesn’t have enough air pressure or the worst part is when they have to deal with flats. Well, they don’t’ have to worry about such thing anymore because now the airless tire concept is available, thanks to Bridgestone.

Bridgestone develops airless tire as their future concept to make the whole part of the auto becomes futuristic. This airless tire is said to be very good for the environment because of its green concept. The company has stated that the new tire will be much efficient and better than the already existed tire we have now. For a starter, we don’ need to worry about having flats anymore. Second, the tire is designed with all the good and sophisticated technology that allows it to be solid and sturdy to support heavy weight, yet flexible enough in order to absorb shakes and bumps.

Bridgestone introduced airless tires concept during the Tokyo Auto Show, but the company hasn’t provided much information and official statements about their new plan. Well, let’s just wait and see for such tire to finally be produced! Read the rest of this entry »

Safe Ride with Bentley Winter Accessories

Cold weather can be an annoying season that presents difficult situations for most drivers. Not only the drastic temperature can be freezing, but the ice can make the road condition become dangerous and slippery. That’s why cold climate accessories for the car is needed because most hoe owners should be prepared and be careful when dealing with this type of season.

 Bentley Winter Accessories

Most Bentley vehicles are available in all wheel driving system, but during winter season, the ability will be useless, especially when there’s no backing up accessories that can help the car’s performance and balance. That’s why the auto manufacturer company has been prepared by introducing Bentley winter accessories that covers snow chains, winter tires, and also winter socks.

All the winter tires will be available from the size 19-inch to 21- inch and they can be used for older GTC and GT models, the new Continental GT model, the GTC, the Supersports Continental, the Flying Spurs, and also the Mulsanne models. The snow chain will use Spider-Spike system, complete with locking hub feature that will allow the chain to be more flexible. The Autosock will also be available or the Bentley owners to have safer driving experience. People can find these Bentley winter accessories at dealers and auto shops.