8 Best Cars for Car of the Year 2013 Finalists

8 Best Cars for Car of the Year 2013 FinalistsSeveral rides have been announced as the finalists for the 2013 Car of the Year. Car of the Year Institution has released several names as the Car of the Year 2013 finalists – in fact, there are about 8 best cars that are considered enough for the title. Among the names, here is the ongoing list:

  • Hyundai i30
  • B-Max from Ford
  • Clio from Renault
  • Mercy’s A Class
  • VW Golf
  • V40 from Volvo
  • Peugeot 208
  • Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ


The announcement of the winner will be done during Geneva Auto Show on March the 4th 2013. This annual event usually has only seven finalists, but this year is special because the competing rides are better than the year before, so it was decided that the numbers of finalists are added to 8 cars. This once happened in 2007.


Last year winner for Car of the Year was Nissan Leaf, the first electric ride that has ever achieved such great performance. When dated back to the first Car of the Year event in 1964, Rover 2000 was the winner.


This event is an international occasion, where the judges are coming from auto journalists from Europe. The purpose is to appoint a particular ride – a new ride – that is considered has remarkable performance in sales within a year before the ‘crowning’.


Riding with Jorge Lorenzo in Sentul Race Circuit Indonesia

Jorge Lorenzo in Sentul Race Circuit

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Jorge Lorenzo doesn’t seem to have enough rest after winning the title of World MotoGP Championship in Philip Island, Australia. He flew right away to Jakarta, Indonesia and visited Yamaha Factory Racing in order to run on some schedules. He was scheduled to ride Yamaha Jupiter Z1 at Sentul Race Circuit in Bogor.

The champion wasn’t alone. He was accompanied by Doni Tata, a national rider from YRA or Yamaha Riding Academy, along with other 26 bikers from Yamaha Riders Club. When riding Yamaha, Lorenzo straight away rode his bike in such high speed, as if he wanted to show these young riders how to race in the correct and proper ways. It seems that he was also confident about the performance of his bike so he didn’t hesitate.

He then slowed down as if giving chances for the young riders to overtake him. But when he was positioned on the last place, he suddenly had a change of heart. He boost the ride and overtook those riders one by one and claimed his position on the number one spot.

It didn’t matter who win because everyone was glad they had a chance to ride with Lorenzo. It’s not like every day they can get the similar experience.

Daihatsu Terios 7 Wonders Exploration to Sumatra

Daihatsu Terios 7 Wonders

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Daihatsu branch in Indonesia seems want to test the ability of Terios 7 in facing difficult terrain and unexpected road condition. That’s why they have set off an expedition team, called as the Daihatsu Terios 7 Wonders, to explore the road in order to text the ride’s performance, while at the same time trying to introduce Luwak Coffee from Sumatra to the public.

After going through exploration that takes about 3, 657 kilometeres from Jakarta to Sabang, the Terios 7 Wonders team finally reaches their destination in Sabang Island, Aceh, after they have been exploring 7 places famous as coffee manufacturer spots like Lahat, Lampung, Kepahiang, Empat Lawang, Pagar Alam, Takengon, and Mandailing Natal.

In this expedition, the team has brought 3 Terios variants, two of them are the TX AT Hi-Grade and one TX MT model. Along the way, they didn’t experience any difficulties at all. The cars were fine and didn’t experience breakdown although the terrain was quite tough and difficult. They have to go through highways, steep roads, narrow street, and even muddy condition.

It seems that the company’s goal to test their production as well as introducing the so called Sumatra Coffee Paradise has been going on well enough.

Rumors of Gaikindo Getting Letter of Complaints from JAMA

There has been rumor flying concerning Gaikindo – which is a group of Vehicle Industry in Indonesia – received a letter of complaint from JAMA or Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association in relation to the production of Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya. The letter of complaint is related to the production of those national rides production and also their correlation to the LCGC regulations. LCGC is the short for Low Cost and Green Car.

The chairman of Gaikindo, Sudirman Maman Rusdi, has confirmed that such thing didn’t happen at all. This confirmation has cleared the suspicion that the group hasn’t received any letter from JAMA.

Rumor has it that the members of JAMA outside Daihatsu and Toyota have stated their disagreement concerning the production of Ayla and Agya. They have sent their disagreement to Indonesian government because both of the national cars have been introduced before the LCGC regulations have been made official. Rumor also has it that the so called letter of complaint has been a hot topic among auto industry in Indonesia.

It is unclear what topic has set off the disagreement. Some speculate that the LCGC regulations are considered very crucial and important; while others don’t really think such regulation to be highly necessary.