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Born To Race : Racing Car Movie (2011 Mustang)

2011 MustangIf you’re a bit fan of car, race, and a bit of action, then the movie Born to Race, may suit your like. It’s not just another fast ride movie like the Fast and Furious, but it does offer a bit of challenge, action, and of course, lots of things with cars and racing.

The story of the movie isn’t something new. A young man, Danny Krueger, often deals with troubles and when he’s finally caught for participating in illegal street race, his mom decides to send him away and stays with his father. Though he doesn’t like the fact that the has to live with the man who has neglected him and his family a very long time ago, Krueger finally learns that he needs his father’s help if he wants to participate in and become NASCAR racer. And so the journey of father and son begin.

Don’t’ except the movie to be like Fast and Furious, because this movie isn’t made with very high budget. But it doesn’t mean that it’s bad or poor either. It’s worth watching and the story is quite nice too. The fact that the producer has decided to use of the 2011 Mustang also adds up the thrill and the excitement.

  2011 Born To Race

Born To Race Movie Poster

Born To Race Movie

Born To Race : Racing Car Movie (2011 Mustang) Movie Trailer

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